Thursday, 27 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #33

{We come in an artistic full circle from Wada Ayaka to MM'14 ace and bane of plants, Sayashi Riho}

Sayashi Riho - 27th March 2014

And、 and
Hello! Project's relay blog、
From S/mileage's Wada Ayaka-san、
The baton has finally been passed to me!

Today I'll be in charge of doing it!

Something that moved myself recently、
I graduated from junior high、 and was able to
Celebrate it with a ton of people!!

My family and relatives congratulated me as well (^^)
And、 all of the staff from the company、 members、 people whom I work with、
All of the fans、

Even though it's something personal for Sayashi、
When I felt that there were so many people who were celebrating my graduation along with me
I was moved、

I think that~ it's quite the luxury♪ (^^)

Everyone、 thank you very much!!

With this feeling、
High school student Sayashi will honestly do her best。

The HinaFes that will be held for 2 days in a row from the day after tomorrow、
Everyone、 please come and spend some time with us!!

With Wada-san、
There'll be an appearance by Peaberry (^^)

The relay has reached its goal here (^^)

With that~★

Sayashi Riho ★

{We've come to the end of the relay, and if you've been following along, thanks a bunch.
It was quite a blast. If you'd like to relive it you can start again from Michishige Sayumi
Expect a summary post soon.}

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