Monday, 17 March 2014

Riho-Daaishi compatability analysis

Image courtesy of Amped from JPlop

It's All Right
We diagnose the affinity of these 2 members with this (secret) questionnaire

Are you the kind that prides themselves in early rising? Or the kind that's bad with them?
A: Bad with them
R: Bad with them

When you sleep at night, are you the type that uses a futon? Or the type that uses a bed?
A: Bed
R: Bed

Are you the kind that has milk with their black tea? Or Lemon with their tea?
A: Lemon
R: Milk

When watching movies, are you the type that watches in the cinema? Or on DVD?
A: Cinema

Are you the type that puts a case on their smartphone? Or the type that doesn't put one on?
A: Puts one on
R: Puts one on

Is your bag the type that's carried on the shoulder? Or a rucksack?
A: Rucksack
R: Shoulder

Could you live on an unpopulated island? Or can you not survive on one?
A: Can't survive on one
R: Can't survive on one

Are you the type who eats up your favourite part of the dish first? Or do you leave it for last?
A: For last
R: For last

Are you the type that can fall in love at the first sight? Or can't?
A: I can
R: I can't

Is your eyesight good? Or is it bad?
A: Bad
R: Good

Diagnosis results: 50%
Comment: The compatibility of these two is very so-so

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