Saturday, 15 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #10

{From H!P Kids' little sister MaiMai, Chinami responds!}

Tokunaga Chinami - 10th March

Which reminds me, the blog question thread that was started by  Morning Musume。'14 Leader Michishige Sayumi-san!
I was asked by ℃-ute's Hagiwara Mai-chanー(^^)!
Mai-chan is always stylish and cute! She's the 1st place in Chinami's personal ' I want her as a little sister' ranking! lol

Well then, something that moved me recently、
Recently I woke up early to go to Osaka、
At the time、 my mother made a hand-made bento!

She woke up earlier than I did and made it。
She made bentos every day for me when I was in junior high。 It felt pretty nostalgic when I opened up the bento on the Shinkansen、 I was moved!

Well! Next will be Morning Musume。'14's Oda Sakura-chan!
Since I haven't really talked with her much、 next time I'd like to have a chat~。
What has recently moved Sakura-chan recently~?
Please tell us~(^^)

{How will MM'14's observant songstress respond?}

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