Wednesday, 26 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #32

{We go from anything-goes Suzuki Kanon to Buddha statue and art museum frequenter Ayacho}

Wada Ayaka - 26th March

[Omitted: Ayacho talking about the release event for her book]

And, and、、
Today's HinaFes relay blog post!
In charge of it、myself! Wada Ayaka。

From Morning Musume。'14's Suzuki Kanon-chan、 it got to meー!

Something that moved me recently was、、
What else could it be、
But the publication of 『Otome no Kaiga Annai』through PHP Shinsho-san。

Just as at the beginning of this blog post、
I touched about it in the publication commemoration event、、
But for this book、 the emphasis is on Western paintings、 and I got to make commentary on my beloved paintings。

I graduated from middle school、 and entered into high school、and on the 18th of May 2010, before our début!I went to a Manet exhibition!

I kept the ticket for the art gallery in an album、and written on it、 is the 18th of May (^^)

From that day、 my life changed!

Meeting with Manet、 I was drawn into the world of arts until now!
Still、 from now on、 throughout my life、 I'll be charmed by the world of arts。(^^)

With that、 for me、 I'm currently studying the arts at university。 However、、 such a person like myself came out with a book。

There were a lot of  times when I was insecure、 but there was a lot of cooperation from those around me、、
And such a truly lovely book was completed。

In the process of completing the book、
Since I can see it with my own eyes、 the book had really, really been completed、 I was moved。

Having my own book、since it feels like something from a dream within a dream、 I couldn't believe it。

Recently、、 I went to the bookstore-san and bought my own book、 I was so so glad、 and always、 it'll move me。

And that、 my valuable, valuable treasure、
『Otome no Kaiga Annai』、 its publication has moved me recently。

Because it's done by myself、 since I think that the words are written in a way that's easy to understand、、Definitely、 if a lot of people would read it、 I'd be glad、、
Even if it's just a little、 if you were to know the charms of the arts、、 I'd be really really glad。


And with that、、
The next to be in charge of this will be、、
Morning Musume。'14's Sayashi Riho-chan!

Together with Yasshiiー、 we have activities as Peaberry!

At the HinaFes being carried out this weekend on the 29th、30th、
At the same time、、
We'll be holding a SATOYAMA & SATOUMI  event!

Once again、 it's another chance for Peaberry to be active~~\(^^)/

Look forward to it!

At the HinaFes、 our new song Mystery Night! will have it's first public unveiling!

Ah。The MV、watch it。

Bye bye

{And the relay reaches its last legs, ending at the feet of MM'14's ace, RihoRiho. 
What does Sayashi Riho have to say?}

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