Friday, 7 March 2014

Tsunku♂'s message to Berryz Kobo on their 10th anniversary

{Despite the sad news from Tsunku♂, he proves that his ability to troll is still as solid as ever in this message for Berryz Kobo's 10th year anniversary. 
The message itself was narrated by Sawayaka Goro, in the concert they held on the day of their 10th anniversary. 
The Oricon video below has excerpts of that speech, but the only news source I found that claimed to have the full text of his message is this Dwango one. Note that the Oricon video has been cut in such a way that the later part of the speech is actually mentioned earlier.
Also, if you continue with the video, isn't Succhaka Mecchaka awesome?}

It's the 3rd of March.
Today marks a whole 10 years, entering into your 11th year.
Congratulations on your 10th anniversary.
Well of course, Morning Musume is about 16 or 17, and that kind of history is amazing.
But, they have had member changes.
Of course, although the number of people in Berryz Kobo has decreased, there were no new members who joined, so fundamentally it's all been done by the same members, and I think that's something really amazing.
With that, let me tell you something just as amazing!
From now on, since these members have been doing everything...
I think that gradually...
From here on...
For Berryz Kobo, new member applications...
Will not be done, [Momo: Oh Tsunku♂-san, stop it with the Osakan jokes, there's no need for that kind of thing]
So I think I'd like the members to be filled with spirit and take a new step.
To be honest, for a group of girls in the puberty ~ lovestruck phase continued doing activities collectively as a group for 10 years, I think you also did it giving a vibe of, "Let's have a fight!"
I've heard this comment countless times so far, that it's generally thought that you can work for at most 4 years as an 'idol.'
To exceed that is truly amazing.
In my capacity as a producer it's normal to give all sorts of instructions, and on that point, I really respect you guys.
I'm sure that all the fans understand that as well.
Therefore despite it being a weekday today, such a great number of people ... (though I won't ask how you skipped work...) have gathered here.
Aiming for an Oricon 1st this year, let's make this wonderful Berryz Kobo-like seed ripen stylishly!
Well then, good luck.


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