Saturday, 15 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #16

{From Take-chan, S/mileage's Ii Yatsu, Ayumin rises from the depths.
This is probably (about 15 posts) too late, but I apologise for the spam on those who are using RSS Readers.}

Ishida Ayumi - 14th March

The other day、 Michishige Sayumi-san
Started this 『Relay blog』

Of course everyone knows about it, right?

From Michishige-san to Nakanishi Kana-chan…and so on

All of Hello! Project、 have been relaying it along by writing in their blogs

From S/mileage's Takeuchi Akari-san
It finally got to me \(^^)/\(^^)/

In Takeuchi-san's blog post、
She wants to become closer to me…♥
Secretly supporting me…♥

She wrote those!!!

…I'm unspeakably happy (°Д°)

From June、 it's been decided that I'll be doing a musical together with S/mileage-san、

I myself think that I want to get closer to Takeuchi-san too!

Going through the musical、
It would be great if we became acquaintances ♥

And the theme of the relay blog is
『Something that moved you』…

And today itself!
Please have a look!

Since it's White Day、
It was from all of the Manager-sans!!

We received 2 white cakes ♥♥

Bliss ♥ Deeply touched ♥ Moved ♥

During Valentine's、
Why is it that girls have to give things。

I was discussing that with the members (lol)

… But White day is wonderful。
To get such a gift like this in return。

It feels like we've become popular ♥ lol

From the concert staff-san too、
We got something in return for our Valentine's!

Thank you very much

For the concerts from tomorrow、
I'll work even harder\(^^)/♪

Yeahー! I'm really looking forward to it! OMG!

But、 the other meaning is also dangerous!
In the sense of physical strength…

I'll have a proper meal and then do my best!!

For the 『Relay Blog』、
After me will be Berryz Kobo's Sugaya Risako

Sugaya-san's expressiveness、
It's cool、 alluring、 adorable。

It's wonderful

But backstage、 seeing the appearance of the member-sans spoiling each other、 I feel like that's the peak of moe-ness! ♥ lol

Please tell us about something that moved you recently

{As of writing, Risako still hasn't updated her blog yet. So I'll link you to the very start, from Ayumin to Sayumin.}
{After two days, Risako has updated her blog with a response. What does Sugaya Risako, the baby of Berryz have to say?}

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