Saturday, 12 April 2014

Music My Life

{Taken from Suzuki Airi's perfect book 'Airi-al', Airi talks about music}
Scan from Airi Suzuki France
'Something that can be taken away by anyone, yet not taken away'.
That is what music is to me.
Currently, it might seem like I'm singing because of work, but within myself, in these 18 years since I've been born, I sing because I want to sing.
That has never changed.
That's the extent of how much I love music, and singing.

When I'm singing, I understand what it is to be living, and I feel like I'm able to express what I'd like to convey with the whole of my being.
It's not related to ℃-ute nor Buono!, I would sing wherever, and it'd be the same if I were alone.
Only, it's not like I'm thinking of nothing besides 'I want to convey myself, I want to convey myself' recently, but to what extent I can immerse myself in musical compositions, or how much of my thoughts and emotions can I sing deeply about; I've been thinking about how to express myself.

After expressing my own sound with a guitar, I started thinking about making use of it.
Why the guitar and not the piano? It's more intuitive (laughs).
My home room teacher in middle school was a teacher who sang English songs while playing the guitar.
So I naturally thought that I'd be able to do it too...
When I actually bought a guitar, I consulted that teacher on what guitar would be good to buy...
I've still got ways to go skills-wise, but I feel that one thing I'd like to think about is the influence of music on me from now onwards.

Be it singing or playing an instrument or even humming (laughs), music is something that's indispensable in my life.
Even though the method of expression may change according to situation, but with my own view of the world as a whole, I want to continue sharing it with a lot of people.

Playlist of the day
1. Don't Forget / Demi Lovato
2. Chippoke na Yuuki / FUNKY MONKEY BABYS
3. Superstar ni nattara / back number
4. Classmate / Uemura Masaya
5. Kotoba ni dekinakute / BRIGHT

[℃-ute ver.]
1. Namida no Iro
2. Zansho Omimai MoshiAgemasu
3. Kanashiki Heaven
4. Midnight Temptation
5. Aitai Lonely Christmas

{Double dose of Airi goodness today! Happy 20th again! 
Rant time: My usual source didn't have this scan for some reason, and my efforts to find scans for resulted in only one side of the two page spread. It stops me from pointing out my greatest annoyance, which was that the text was lime green... on a sky blue background. Virtually impossible to read. Had to make use of the fact that the words reflect light differently, which means that some of the complicated kanjis might be best guesses in some cases. Sorry.}

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