Saturday, 3 September 2016

Takagi Sayuki and Miyamoto Karin Talk Event in Kawasaki

Managed to catch a Juice=Juice talk event on the 24th of August at Kawasaki on my recent trip to Japan. Sayuki and Karin-chan were there to promote their upcoming single 'Dream Road - Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru - / KEEP ON Josho Shiko / Ashita Yaro wa Baka Yaro'.

Not willing to preorder something that I couldn't collect, I was stuck behind a crowd of about two hundred people who had preordered. From my vantage point, I could only see Sayuki and Karin-chan's heads, floating above a sea of heads.

Promoting their new songs
♪ Sayuki highlighted Karin-chan's Michael Jackson-esque dancing in KEEP ON Josho Shiko
♪ Sayuki stressed on the 'Bakayaro' as she mentioned 'Ashita Yaro wa Baka Yaro'
♪ Sayuki commented on how quiet the audience was. Karin-chan opined that her fans tend to be the quiet types.

Fan questions

Q. As an only child, which Juice=Juice member would Karin-chan like to have as a sister?
Karin:  Nope, nada, not a single one of them. If I was forced to picked one, I'd pick Uemuu as my younger sister.
♪ Sayuki wouldn't want any of the members either - she gets along well enough with her younger sister
♪ For an older sister, Sayuki definitely wouldn't want KanaTomo. By elimination, it'd have to be Yuka then.

Q. Favourite food, given that they've been all around Japan
Karin:  Basashi!
♪ Sayuki gives us a laundry list of foods, such as melons, sushi, avocados - she'll eat anything
♪ Karin-chan prefers germinated brown rice to white rice

♪ Sayuki brings up that Karin-chan is good at doing impersonations, to which Karin replies with a 'Really~?'
♪ Karin-chan, pushed to do one, does a not-particularly-impressive attempt at the monologue at the end of 'Ora ha Ninkimono'
♪ Karin-chan professes that she's the worst at impersonations... maybe after Uemuu

Q. With videos of their vocal recordings appearing on the Up Front YouTube show 'Upcoming', what was the hardest part of recording their new single?
♪ Karin found 'Keep On Joshi Shiko' difficult because of the MJ-ness - she had add a bit of an extra 'kick' to her singing.
♪ Sayuki agrees that she found 'Keep On Joshi Shiko' difficult as well. They had only a short time to record, and she found difficulties catching the mood of the song. She sang it gently at first, and was instructed to switch styles during the recording - which is why she may have seemed a bit blank during the recording.

Q. The Olympics
♪ Karin-chan didn't really follow the Olympics, but Sayuki did
♪ They threw out the names of some competitors, like Yoshida and Mizutani.

Q. On your days off, do you prefer to stay indoors or go outdoors?
♪ Karin-chan's the indoor type - she'll cook, watch TV, catch up with shows
♪ She'll also do yoga, though she always does that when she wakes up anyway
♪ Sayuki's an indoor type as well - on her days off, she doesn't even want to see the members
♪ Not that she has anything against the members, but it would just remind her of work
♪ If she goes outdoors on days off, it would normally be with her parents
♪ On weekdays, she'd stay at home

Q. Anything that they'd like to do at their Budokan performance?
♪ Karin-chan did some action which I couldn't get a good glimpse of
♪ Sayuki would like to write messages on silver streamers that would fall at the audience

Q. Have they become friends with anyone through the recent Hello! Cons?
♪ No one in particular for Karin-chan. She's been chatting with Wada-san.
♪ Unexpectedly, she's been getting along with Rikako - Rikako's funny, and her reactions are 100 times more exaggerated than normal.
♪ Sayuki's interested in Ogata Risa - her face is Sayuki's type, and she's funny like Rikako. She also has an amazing presence.

Wrapping up
The girls held a janken challenge with the audience, followed by closing comments. After a short break to set things up, the event ended with a handshake event for those who had made preorders.

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