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Spring's Pure Whistle (H!P Kenshuusei - UTB June 2014)

Here's a H!P Kenshuusei interview from June 2014, in a school and club setting. A year on, almost all of them have been allocated into groups, though we sadly lost one along the way. For now, let's take a look at these rising rookies from a year ago.

So far, the H!P Kenshuusei have appeared in all sorts of combinations, solo, duo, or in trios. This time, we have 5 of you in your largest photo shoot.

Tanabe: I had fun making lots of new discoveries, like how athletic Maria-chan unexpectedly was~, or how cool Sasaki was, despite being younger.

Hamaura: It looked like I was no good at sports, but my reflexes are actually pretty good.

Sasaki: No way---!!! You were quite the novice striker~ (laughs)

Hey, Rikako-chan. You're talking about a senpai (sweats)!!!

Makino (looking at Hamaura): If Rikako-chan had passed us the ball a bit, we would have scored some decisive shots.

It's completely turned into a 2-on-1. Rikako-chan's in a pinch!!

Sasaki: Although I couldn't make a pass to you guys, it's good that it was decided by my shot, hehehe♪

Asking for it again (laughs)!! Well well, the 3 of you who were moving around, chill down...... Nanamin (Tanabe Nanami) was captain as well as keeper. And somehow Renako (Ogawa Rena) was playing the manager role (laughs).

Ogawa: I'm reflecting on this photo shoot.

Why is that......?

Ogawa: Despite being manager, I couldn't bring out my voice very well. I'll do my best next time, so that I can cheer with a loud voice.

Your voice isn't captured at all through photos, so don't be so down in the dumps (laughs).

Hamaura: For Rena-chan, only her opinions were manager-ish.

Only her opinions? She does seem like she'd be gentle, and good at taking care of people!

Sasaki: Not at all!! She's not calm, normally she's super noisy.

Tanabe: Said by the noisiest Sasaki!!

Nanamin, I feel the same way......

Makino: I think that Rena-chan was mostly acting innocent today (laughs).

It's like the manager's being attacked from an unexpected angle (laguhs).

Tanabe: That said, we can say things like that since we're friends. While we're fellow rivals aiming for a debut, we're all precious companions!

There are currently 27 people in the H!P Kenshuusei. In order to see that strength of solidarity, it might be nice to get all of you to appear next time~

Hamaura: Eh. For me, being solo would definitely be best!

Tanabe, Makino, Sasaki: Me too~~~

Didn't you just say that 'It's great to be companions'~ (astonished)!!

Sasaki: We'd be happy to do a photo shoot with companions, but I'd definitely like to stand out more than anyone else!

Makino: I'd like to have a feature for my favourite baseball, so I'm hoping for a solo!! I'd like to appear together with Otani-senshu from Fighters~

Tanabe: In UTB!? Aren't you getting the wrong magazine? For me, I'd like to be number 1 in everything amongst the Kenshuusei. It would be great to be number 1 even when it comes to getting photos taken. And so, I'd like to heap up the solo photo shoots and establish a lead!

Ogawa: Tanabe-san definitely is amazing (calmly)

Rena-chan, you're all right if it isn't solo?

Ogawa: It would be nice to be together with everyone. Since I get nervous quickly...... Furthermore, I want the others to see how I've grown in my manager role the next time...... (calmly)

Sasaki (pointing fingers): You're acting innocent, acting~ Kyahahahahaha~

Tanabe: Sasaki, shut up!

Hamaura: Maybe, if the 5 of us get to appear again, the 4 of us will join forces and do our best to show Rena-chan's true colours!!

If you can, I'd like you to take care of Sasaki-chan too (laughs).

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