Thursday, 4 June 2015

1001 Nights - The 17th Night: Miyazaki Yuka

Here are some highlights from Miyazaki Yuka's 1001 Nights Hello! Shop talk, held on 12th February 2015. As usual for these events, fan reports on Twitter are my sources. Hashtag was , which says Hokuriku Shinkansen. This is relevant due to its newly opened extension, linking Tokyo to Yuka-chan's home prefecture of Ishikawa.

The first part of the talk was Miyazaki Yuka's Top 10 favourite things in Ishikawa, giving our girl an opportunity to boast about the great things in her now better-connected home town. (reference)

6. Notoji (restaurant)

2. The sushi stores

So if you're ever in Japan with a rail pass and time to kill, you now have suggestions about fun things to do at Ishikawa prefecture.

Part 2 had Yuka-chan doing the familiar '50 questions' event. Here are some that piqued my interest.

Q4. What animals would you liken the members to?
Kanazawa → Wolf 「Going hmph! But there's also a cute part
Takagi →  Seal 「Her skin is white and springy。 A spotted seal
Miyamoto → White animal。 Bunny
Uemura → Polar bear。 A strong cub 「Huge
A tanuki for herself

Q7. What would you like to say to Berryz Kobo?
I like Tsugunaga-san.
I love her serious side.
I don't really mention it, since Tsugunaga-san isn't a fan of continuing on from the mood after someone says they like her

Q29. Your ideal guy? Besides being kind or funny
A confident person. Also someone who's lucky
Confident people like Yajima-san whom she looks up to are admirable

Q30. Choose one Hello! member to be your big sister
Older sister!? Older sister!?
Ishida Ayumi-san
She's younger than me, but she taught me how to catch the subtleties of the rhythm when we performed the same song at a Hello! Con
Ishida-san is brimming with confidence too, which is lovely

Q32. Do you have any aspirations to become H!P leader?
Wellー That isー 
I'd like to do it together with Kanazawa Tomoko-chan 
I'd like her to supplement me since Tomo and I have different opinions 

Nishiguchi Like Miyazaki-san would be peaceful and Kanazawa-san would wreak mayhem?

Q35. If you went to an amusement park, who would you get on rides with?
Kanazawa Tomoko-chan for haunted houses and the like
She was really trustworthy when they suddenly went to Mt Fuji

NishiguchiIs that because Kanazawa-san killed the ghosts one after the other?」

Q37. H!P member whose muscles you're interested in? Besides Yajima-san
Makino Maria-chan
She might be slender, but her abs are lined, so I'd like to confirm next time.
Yuka would like to join 'MukiMoni', which Maimi talked about previously.

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