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Yanagawa Nanami 'Member I'd like to turn to for advice when I have problems' ranking

ーー Well then, without further ado, tell us who's at 6th place.
Yanagawa Funaki Musubu-chan. To elaborate, Musubu-chan is a carefree person who really goes at her own pace, so I think of her as being my cute little sister, rather than someone I'd consult when I'm worried about something. Instead, I'd rather she come to me for advice. I'd like to be an oneesan in front of Musubu-chan.

Funaki I'm really bad when it comes to giving advice... Even when people come to me for advice, I can't recall anyone giving 'Words of gratitude to Funaki-san'.

ーー What do you mean by 'Words of gratitude to Funaki-san'?

Tsugunaga From what I've heard so far, she definitely can't give advice. You'll find out that it's an exercise in futility. (laughs)

Funaki Even if someone asks me for advice, the only thing I can say is 'It'll be fine!' I often ask Nanami-chan why she's so level-headed. I think it's because she reads books. She can always explain her reasons, so I'd like to get advice from her!

Yanagawa And this is what makes me think 'She's so cute!' (laughs)

ーー I see (laughs). Well then, 5th place?

Yanagawa Morito Chisaki-san. For Morito-san, if I consult her about something I'm worrying about, she'll go 'Ummm....' and worry about it even more than I will. She'd continue to brood over it... And then, that would make me feel worse instead. (laughs) So, Morito-san's 5th.

ーー It feels like the end-result comes in a different form compared to Funaki-san. (laughs)

Yanagawa That's the type of person that I think Morito-san is. 4th place is Ozeki Mai-san. She's a positive thinker no matter what happens, so if I were to consult with her, rather than giving me a solution to my problem, I feel like she'll just tell me that things'll be fine.

ーー She'd encourage you.

Yanagawa Yes. But, there's also the fact that Ozeki-san is the same age as me, so it might be easier to go to her for advice.

ーー Up to now, it feels likes you've picked a line-up of members who wouldn't be able to tell you how to resolve your problems… How about 3rd place?

Yanagawa That'd be Yamaki Risa-san. She's really intelligent, and while I obviously can consult her about studies, I think that she's also someone who can guide me towards solutions for problems related to my daily life. So I feel that I'd get sound advice from her.

ーー Indeed, it feels like she would be very instructive.

Yanagawa And that's why I can discuss anything with her, but I'd particularly like to ask her how to study in order to get good marks. And next in 2nd place, Inaba Manaka-san. I feel that Inaba-san is an extremely warm person. If I were to go to her for advice, I feel that she'd cuddle me full of tenderness. She'd gently give me advice, telling me that things'll be fine even if I go through it in my own way.

ーー It feels like she's broad-minded.

Yanagawa Like Ozeki-san, she wouldn't come up with a solution to my problems, she'd just tell me that things'll be fine. But while Ozeki-san would try to lift my spirits and tell me 'Cheer up!', Inaba-san would envelop me in her embrace…(laughs).

ーー You've announced the rest so far, and now a single person remains! … And with that, at the glorious 1st place is…!!!?

Yanagawa Momochi-senpai!

Tsugunaga As usual, Yanamin knows her stuff!

Yanagawa Momochi-senpai turned 24 this year, so she isn't just a senpai to me as an idol, but also in life. So I'm sure that whatever problems I have, Momochi-senpai would use her experience to give me a concrete answer, like 'At times like those, this is what I used to do in the past. How about you try something like that now?'!

ーーWell then, at the moment, what's something you'd like to consult Momochi-senpai about?

Yanagawa For me, I often tend to ramble for a long time when I'm talking, but whatever the case, Momochi-senpai is able to wrap it up concisely, so I was wondering what I should do about that…。

Tsugunaga Nanamin, you keep saying the same things twice, so I think that it would be better if you wrap things up at the first half.

Yanagawa Ehー!

ーー That's quite simple advice, isn't it (laughs)。

Funaki Right! I've got something I'd like to consult about as well!

ーー Funaki-san, that's quite the abrupt interjection!

Funaki I'd like to discuss this with someone, not necessarily Momochi-senpai, but since about three and a half years ago, my shoulder bones have always been grinding…。 Even when I went to the bonesetter, they couldn't figure out the cause。

Yanagawa The sound that comes from her shoulder bones is really amazing! When I sit next to her, I constantly hear the sound of them grinding. It's a really scary sound... And when I asked if something was up, she told me that it's been that way since three years back。

ーーA shocking truth (laughs)。

Funaki I remember the date when the grinding started, and every time a year passes, it's like an anniversary for my stiff shoulders!

Tsugunaga ……(smiles awkwardly)。

ーー Momochi-senpai! You're saying nothing and just smiling!(laughs) And with that, this was the 'ranking' discussion with Tsugunaga-san, Funaki-san, and Yanagawa-san. It goes without saying that Tsugunaga-san can wrap up discussions nicely, but with Funaki-san's crackling shoulders and Yanagawa-san's pro-level ability to stand toe-to-toe with the senpai, the capabilities of the new members is impressive!

Tsugunaga  That's right. By the way, the two of them are wearing yellow outfits. Yellow is the colour of 'danger', isn't it? These girls are 'dangerous newbies'…(A fearless smile rises to her face)。

ーー That's true, in a sense, there's a scent of danger to them…! And with that, finally, we would like the dangerous newbie Yanagawa-san to introduce your new single 『Boogie Woogie LOVE/Koi ha Magnet/Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Muchuu~』!

Yanagawa  From the three songs, I'll be introducing 『Koi ha Magnet』! It's a mature song with lyrics that paint the painful awakening of love, but it's a song where we had to learn about and practise things like making fleeting expressions and making sure the angles of our body lines look pretty, so I'd like you to keep your eyes out for that. In the music video, all of us make sexy expressions, so I think it's a video that'll let you see a new aspect of Country Girls!

…And with that、 here are the results!
Yanagawa Nanami-san's
『Member I'd like to turn to for advice when I have problems Top6 ranking』

6th Funaki Musubu-san
5th Morito Chisaki-san
4th Ozeki Mai-san
3rd Yamaki Risa-san
2nd Inaba Manaka-san
1st Tsugunaga Momoko-san
Source: Best Times

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