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Kobushi Factory in Me magazine

Excerpts from Kobushi Factory's 27th July 2016 interview with Me magazine, where Kobushi Factory members Fujii Rio, Ogawa Rena, and Hamaura Ayano promote their single Samba! Kobushi Janeiro / Bacchikoi Seishun! / Ora wa Ninkimono.


Firstly, let's have you introduce one another! How do the two of you see Fujii Rio-san?

Hamaura: Fujii-chan is our subleader, the oldest in the group! She keeps making puns, and she doesn't tire of it (laughs). The other members may give her the cold shoulder, but she doesn't get discouraged, so she's got a strong heart.

Ogawa: I personally like her face! Besides that, she's smart, and she's got good reflexes! Even though she's the oldest, she often plays around, but that contrast makes her cute.

Fujii-san, please give us your current favourite gag!

Fujii: My current number one is 'Kono isho, iissho~!' (This outfit is great)! I highly recommend it!! (laughs)

Hamaura: I like Ogawa Rena-chan's singing, just listening to her singing calms me down. Also, when she gives me a tsukkomi with a 'What is it~', she's really strong! While she possesses girlishness, she also got this boyishness to her... (laughs).

Fujii: She looks like a cool-headed beauty, up until she opens her mouth (laughs). The things she says are truly miraculous! While we're doing a talk, she'll be the only person talking nonsense. It's funny how she'll deviate from the rest. Hamaura Ayano-chan is stoic, a real perfectionist! However, she becomes useless when she loses steam, it's really cute~.

Ogawa: With her good figure and skilful dancing, she doesn't have a single flaw! What's more, she's recently been saying that I'm cute, so you know, I think she's fallen for me~. She looks at me a lot.

Hamaura: The heck are you talking about? (laughs)


At the moment, what's popular among the members?

Fujii: We're into a face exchanging app! Recently, when we were doing a MV shooting, we switched bodies with the ladies in the samba gear with their nice bodies. Having done that, we had nice bodies! (laughs)

Hamaura: It's currently all the craze, but we're always slow at catching up to the trends.

Fujii: We're currently into Tsum Tsum, and watching comedy acts from twenty years ago.


What led you to thinking about becoming a Hello! Project idol?

Fujii: My mother likes Sharan Q, and I learnt of S/mileage through her influence, I auditioned because I wanted to meet them!

Ogawa: I'd originally been going to a school that taught dancing and acting in my hometown of Tochigi, and I received an offer to audition when I was there. I took it up since I thought that being an idol was a wonderful job, one where you'd get to lift people's spirits and give them courage.

Hamaura: I wanted to become an actress ever since I was small, but seeing that there were auditions for Morning Musume。-san on the telly, I gave it a try.


Hamaura-san, is there anyone whom you admire?

Hamaura: Country Girls' Tsugunaga Momoko-san. When in a play, she can appear to have various personalities, it's amazing. As for actresses, Sawaguchi Yasuko-san, Dan Rei-san. I truly admire them for their ability to change completely based on the drama they're in.


What's something that Kobushi Factory won't lose to against other Hello! Project groups?

Fujii: Our competitiveness! All of our members are competitive, and while we butt heads even when we're having discussions, the eight of us clearly give our opinions, so that's a plus.

Ogawa: For me, it'd be how amusing our choreography is. We've got lots of moves that you'd hardly ever see other idols do, so we won't lose in that!

Hamaura: I think that Kobushi has the most impact! Our group name, our songs, with one glance, you definitely won't forget them.


Hamaura-san, you're famous for your love of ramen. What's your favourite flavour?

Hamaura: Currently it's miso ramen! Topped with bean sprouts, it's best when it's soft and springy, not crunchy. For shoyu ramen, I prefer spring onions as the topping. The taste of the spring onions and the soy sauce go perfectly with one another! Whenever I have shoyu ramen, it'll definitely be with spring onions.

Samba! Kobushi Janeiro / Bacchikoi Seishun! / Ora wa Ninkimono / Kobushi-factory

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