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Country Girls discourse: Are manju sweets?

As you may or may not know, Country Girls enforces a no sweets rule - no sweets, no ice cream after nine, no carbonated drinks. After much discussion, an exception was made earlier this year for days that had a four in them. This allowed a certain PM to celebrate a special day with cake, as she does every year.

Anyway, at a release event, Yamaki proposed that they add an exception to their banlist: manju, a type of Japanese confectionary. The following is based on reports by Twitter user @asami_konno (No relation to the idol Konno Asami).

Sweet-lover Maimi with momiji manju, a maple-leaf shaped manju normally associated with Canada Hiroshima
Yamaki: There's something that I'd like to ask your opinions about!!!
On the 24th of September, Ozeki Mai-chan had an event at Hiroshima, and she bought some momiji manju 🍁 since they were delicious. But she bought so many that she couldn't finish eating them up within the 24th itself. [1]

Yamaki: Country Girls has this rule that bans sweets, so we can only eat sweets on days that have a '4' in them. So when I met Mai-chan on the 25th, she asked me if momiji manju were sweets. I was like, 'Obviously', so she got moody [2]

Yamaki: But when I went back and looked it up, they're made using koshian. And koshian is made from adzuki, and you know what adzuki are? They're beans. And beans aren't sweets, right? There's just a smidgen of sugar added, but they're more than 90% beans! [3]

Yamaki: What's more, adzuki are rich in vitamin C, so they're good for health. And they contain minerals as well, so they're good for swelling. And what more! They have good anti-aging effects!

Tsugunaga: Wait a minute, why are you looking at Momochi with that gleam in your eyes? [4]

Yamaki: If you compare manju with a shortcake, the sugar content of shortcakes are much higher, and manju has 1/25th the fat! Even if you eat manju, it'll just store the adzuki in your body, so you won't get fat, so it's not a sweet, right!
So let's allow it! [5]

Tsugunaga: Risa-chan, it's wagashi, a Japanese confectionary. Con-fec-tion-nery. You know the Japanese word for confectionery, 'gashi'? It's in the word for sweets, 'okashi', right?

Funaki: Even I know that.

Tsugunaga: And what's more, if you're talking about beans, where do the ingredients for chocolate come from?

Yanagawa: Cocoa beans

Tsugunaga: Therefore, proposal rejected [6]

Tsugunaga: If you were to ask me, I'd prefer to eat chocolate rather than manju!

*The rest agree*

Tsugunaga: If chocolate is okay, then in exchange, we can accept manju

Yamaki: Eh---

Ozeki: Risa-chan, you can't accept our opinion, yet you persist in your opinion

Tsugunaga: Such a princess [7]

*Ends up being Yamaki vs the other five*

Ozeki: The other day, when it was soda jelly (?), everyone else said it was fine, yet Risa-chan vetoed it since it had carbonic acid!

Morito: [The five of us] are united in this

Tsugunaga: Right, we should have this discussion backstage, ok? [8]

Dodatte Iino / Namida No Request / Country Girls

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