Thursday, 3 April 2014

MM'14 nationwide 10 location simultaneous handshake event: Ishida Ayumi in Hiroshima

Good morning!
Ishida will be making her way into Hokkaido today

It took some time to decide on my clothes, but I'm heading off! Ah, whether or not I'm pulling it off fashionably is a completely different matter altogether.
{Written on  photo: This is my getup}
【Hokkaido/ Ishida】 Asahiyama… Isn't the snow crazy!? I heard that it would be cold、 but I was astonished as it was colder than I expected!!※ We are not accepting tsukkomis of 'Since Ishida is lame'。
{Trans note: The word for 'cold' can also used to describe something as 'lame'}
【Hokkaido/ Ishida】 I was in the care of「Asahikawa Shinbun」-san! Since the photos and the interview will be published in the April 8th newspaper、 I'm begging your kindness to check it out (^^)

【Hokkaido/ Ishida】 Where am I? lol The handshake event will start from 5:00 pm~ Everyone from Hokkaido、 from now、 please come! Since I'll be waiting!
【Hokkaido /Ishida】 The handshake event is at ÆON MALL Asahikawa-Nishi
After this from 5 pm! Please make sure to drop by!!
【Hokkaido /Ishida】 I'm done with the event ahead of the others! It was for a short while、 but I was able to have my fill of Asahikawa、 and there were a ton of people whom I got newly acquainted with、 it's really great to get to come to Asahikawa (*^^*) Thank you very much for your cheers
{Sign she's holding just says 'Ishida Ayumi (Morning Musume.'14), Talk & handshake event'}
【Hokkaido/ Ishida】 I bought the souvenir recommended to me by the locals 「Kuranama」 without any problems\(^^)/ Everyone please go home、 and don't catch a cold、 or slip Thank you very much for today!
{To Ishida fans, yes, that slip is 'suberi'}

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