Thursday, 3 April 2014

MM'14 nationwide 10 location simultaneous handshake event: Suzuki Kanon in Aichi

【Aichi/ Suzuki】
Good morning。 It's Suzuki who's in charge of Aichi。 Today! I'm starting out being interviewed by Chunichi Shimbun-san。
【Aichi/ Suzuki】 Otsukanon ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I've got to Aichi prefectureー! Home town yayー(≧∇≦) I'm making a GoGoSuma appearance after this! Watch it k (^з^)-☆
【Aichi/ Suzuki】 Good afternoon。 Suzuki, in charge of Nagoya。 I did a recording for Tokai Radio-san。 Hurrying to the next station to continue!!
【Aichi/ Suzuki】 Thanks for the hard work。 It's Suzuki, in charge of Aichi。 I got to appear on CBC TV's「GoGoSuma」。 After this, a 3 pm appearance! Since it was the first time I'd appeared alone on a live broadcast, I was nervous。
【Aichi/ Suzuki】 The live broadcast has ended。 This is Suzuki, in charge of Aichi。 Thank you very much to everyone who came to watch 「GoGoSuma」。
【Aichi/ Suzuki】 This time was abundant with food too。 I get to eat delicious things at suーch a wonderful place \(^o^)/
【Aichi/ Suzuki】 This is hitsumabushi ♪ So delicious, it's fit for a king~!\(^o^)/ It's a yay! For Nagoya! lol
【Aichi/ Suzuki】 Thank you for the good meal。 This is Suzuki, in charge of Aichi。 I cleaned up all of the hitsumabushi ♪
【Aichi/Suzuki】 Made a moist towel art penguin。 This is Suzuki, in charge of Aichi。 After this, from 7 pm, is the event at HMV Sakae。 I'll be waiting for all of you to stop by。
【Aichi/ Suzuki】 The event is done。 This is Suzuki, in charge of Aichi。 The large amount of people who gathered、 it left an impression on Suzuki。 Thank you so very much!
Aichi/ Suzuki】 Got a Shironoir at Komeda Coffee 、 the handshake event has ended! It ended with me feeling less nervous than usual (^з^)-☆ Thank you very much ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
{Wikipedia says that the Shironoir is a sort of pancake dish that can be found at the Aichi Komeda Coffee branch}

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