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Pocket Morning compilation: The H!P Momotaro cast

The above is based on Pocket Morning artist Q&A answers from all the H!P members. You can find a table compiling the individual answers below.
If you're looking for translations, Ro-kun has got you covered over at Hello! Online: ℃-ute, Morning Musume。´16, ANGERME, Juice=Juice, Country Girls, Kobushi Factory, Tsubaki Factory.

Yajima MaimiTakeuchi AkariOkai ChisatoTakagi SayukiKishimoto YumenoHirose Ayaka
Nakajima SakiTakeuchi AkariMurota MizukiTanimoto AmiOgata HarunaFujii Rio
Suzuki AiriTsugunaga MomokoKudo HarukaTakeuchi AkariHamaura AyanoKishimoto Yumeno
Okai ChisatoNakajima SakiHagiwara MaiOkai ChisatoSuzuki AiriYajima Maimi
Hagiwara MaiTsugunaga MomokoMakino MariaTaguchi NatsumiWada AyakaIkuta Erina
Fukumura MizukiOda SakuraSato MasakiKudo HarukaIikubo HarunaIshida Ayumi
Ikuta ErinaYajima MaimiMurota MizukiTakagi SayukiUemura AkariIikubo Haruna
Iikubo HarunaYajima MaimiKishimoto YumenoIikubo HarunaWada AyakaIkuta Erina
Ishida AyumiIshida AyumiInaba ManakaKudo HarukaUemura AkariIkuta Erina
Sato MasakiOda SakuraKudo HarukaIshida AyumiIikubo HarunaSato Masaki
Kudo HarukaKudo HarukaHagiwara MaiTakagi SayukiSasaki RikakoOgata Risa
Oda SakuraTaguchi NatsumiNonaka MikiMakino MariaIkuta ErinaSato Masaki
Ogata HarunaKudo HarukaSato MasakiOgata HarunaHaga Akane-
Nonaka MikiYajima MaimiOgata HarunaFujii RioUemura AkariHaga Akane
Makino MariaYajima MaimiAikawa MahoFujii RioKishimoto YumenoOgata Haruna
Haga AkaneHaga AkaneKishimoto YumenoFunaki MusubuOgata HarunaMurota Mizuki
Wada AyakaTakeuchi AkariKatsuta RinaSasaki RikakoNakanishi KanaWada Ayaka
Nakanishi KanaKatsuta RinaOkai ChisatoYamagishi RikoHirose AyakaMiyazaki Yuka
Takeuchi AkariSasaki RikakoKamikokuryo MoeMurota MizukiAikawa MahoWada Ayaka
Katsuta RinaAikawa MahoTakeuchi AkariMurota MizukiWada AyakaNakanishi Kana
Murota MizukiTakeuchi AkariAikawa MahoTaguchi NatsumiKamikokuryo MoeMurota Mizuki
Aikawa MahoMurota MizukiNakanishi KanaSasaki RikakoAikawa MahoWada Ayaka
Sasaki RikakoAikawa MahoTakeuchi AkariWada AyakaNakanishi KanaSasaki Rikako
Kamikokuryo MoeTakeuchi AkariKatsuta RinaNakanishi KanaAikawa MahoWada Ayaka
Kasahara MomonaMurota MizukiNakanishi KanaKasahara MomonaKamikokuryo MoeTakeuchi Akari
Miyazaki YukaMiyazaki YukaMiyamoto KarinTakagi SayukiUemura AkariKanazawa Tomoko
Kanazawa TomokoTsugunaga MomokoTanimoto AmiTakagi SayukiYamaki RisaSasaki Rikako
Takagi SayukiMiyazaki YukaMiyamoto KarinTakagi SayukiUemura AkariKanazawa Tomoko
Miyamoto KarinMiyazaki YukaMiyamoto KarinTakagi SayukiUemura AkariKanazawa Tomoko
Uemura AkariMiyazaki YukaMiyamoto KarinTakagi SayukiUemura AkariKanazawa Tomoko
Tsugunaga MomokoTsugunaga MomokoInaba ManakaMaiMorito ChisakiYanagawa Nanami
Funaki Musubu
Yamaki RisaOzeki MaiFunaki MusubuFujii RioNiinuma KisoraMorito Chisaki
Morito ChisakiOzeki MaiTsugunaga MomokoFunaki MusubuYamaki RisaYanagawa Nanami
Ozeki MaiOzeki MaiYanagawa NanamiFunaki MusubuYamaki RisaTsugunaga Momoko
Yanagawa NanamiTsugunaga MomokoFukumura MizukiHamaura AyanoYanagawa NanamiFunaki Musubu
Funaki MusubuTsugunaga MomokoFukumura MizukiHamaura AyanoYanagawa NanamiOzeki Mai
Fujii RioOzeki MaiFunaki MusubuTaguchi NatsumiInoue ReiOgawa Rena
Hirose AyakaTsugunaga MomokoFukumura MizukiHamaura AyanoKishimoto YumenoOkai Chisato
Nomura MinamiMurota MizukiNomura MinamiTakeuchi AkariOzeki MaiYamagishi Riko
Ogawa RenaHirose AyakaWada SakurakoInoue ReiNomura MinamiTaguchi Natsumi
Hamaura AyanoTsugunaga MomokoWada SakurakoTaguchi NatsumiInoue ReiOgawa Rena
Taguchi NatsumiWada SakurakoFunaki MusubuTakagi SayukiInoue ReiHamaura Ayano
Wada SakurakoOgawa RenaWada SakurakoTaguchi NatsumiFujii RioHirose Ayaka
Inoue ReiMaeda KokoroWada SakurakoTaguchi NatsumiInoue Rei
Yamagishi RikoAsakura KikiNiinuma KisoraKishimoto YumenoOgata RisaTanimoto Ami
Ogata RisaYajima MaimiKudo HarukaKishimoto YumenoUemura AkariTaguchi Natsumi
Niinuma KisoraHaga AkaneNiinuma KisoraKishimoto YumenoAikawa MahoFunaki Musubu
Tanimoto AmiTaguchi NatsumiTakeuchi AkariKudo HarukaMiyazaki YukaOkai Chisato
Kishimoto YumenoTaguchi NatsumiWada SakurakoFunaki MusubuSuzuki AiriYajima Maimi
Asakura KikiTanimoto AmiNiinuma KisoraOgata RisaKishimoto YumenoYamagishi Riko
Ono MizuhoYamagishi RikoAkiyama MaoKishimoto YumenoOnoda SaoriOno Mizuho
Onoda SaoriKishimoto YumenoAsakura KikiOnoda SaoriTanimoto AmiAkiyama Mao
Akiyama MaoYamagishi RikoAkiyama Mao
Niinuma Kisora
Kishimoto YumenoAsakura Kiki
Ogata Risa
Onoda Saori
Tanimoto Ami
Ono Mizuho

General Comments
Group self-reference. I suspect that these kind of questions tend to invite references to one's own group, due to familiarity. I'd expect it to be even more pronounced when there are the same number of group members as there are roles. Juice=Juice is a solid example of this, where all but one of their five members picked within their group - going even further and actually having the same members for the same role.

℃-ute bucking the trend. ℃-ute, however, bucks that expectation, with all but one naming girls from out of their own group.

♪ Extra roles. Momo added a narrator role, which I think was to make sure she'd got in every member. Ayacho added three, most likely for the same reason.

When were these given? I suspect that these were assigned by early August at the latest, given that Momo is usually efficient at answering and she mentions Inaba Manaka (graduated early August 2016) in her answer. None of the ANGERME members mention Kassa either, not even Ayacho, who shoehorned in a role for every other ANGERME member.

A peaceful world. Haachin claims hers is a peaceful world - while ReiRei doesn't have an answer at all.

Mai-chan. Momochi answered 'Mai-chan' for the monkey. Given that the rest of her answers refer to Country Girls members, she's probably referring to Ozeki... but since she calls Hagi the exact same thing, better safe than sorry.

#1: Tsugunaga Momoko (8 votes)
#2: Yajima Maimi & Takeuchi Akari (5 votes)

Given that this was probably pre-Kassa, the only other 'Momo' in H!P had an advantage. After that you have the cousins Maimi-chan and Take-chan, who I would say are perhaps more traditionally heroic.

#1: Wada Sakurako (5 votes)
#2: Niinuma Kisora & Miyamoto Karin (4 votes)

How much is that Sako in the window? *woof woof* Not much that I can add on to this one. Now if it had been about the number one bitch...

#1: Takagi Sayuki (9 votes)
#2: Taguchi Natsumi (6 votes)
#3: Kishimoto Yumeno (5 votes)

Did the first place come as a surprise to anybody? lol
I can see Tagu for her mischievousness, and then you've got Kishimonkey.

#1: Uemura Akari (8 votes)
#2: Aikawa Maho & Inoue Rei (5 votes)

I'm not familiar with pheasants beyond a certain Roald Dahl book, but parsing the answers, the girls seem to connect it to beauty? No surprises about Aarii coming out on top then.

Aarii trying to fly

#1: Wada Ayaka & Kanazawa Tomoko (4 votes)
#2: Funaki Musubu (3 votes)

Our first and only tie for first, we have Ayacho and KanaTomo. KanaTomo's has a strong case, but I wonder what Dawa did to the ANGERME girls? Demonise them with Buddha statues?

As for Funakki, well...

Hello! Project Maruwakari BOOK 2016 SUMMER / Hello! Project

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