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Favourite song(s) from your own group (H!P Maruwakari Winter 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, asking about other members.
This one, which came out for the 2015 Winter Hello! Cons, would be Berryz' last as well as Country Girls' first. It also pre-dates Kobushi Factory, who were announced at that Hello! Con itself. Thus, the usual questionnaires are supplemented with a Berryz Kobo special as well as a new members special (MM 12ki, S/mileage 3ki, the 5 new Country Girls).

Q6. Favourite song(s) from your own group.

Shimizu Saki: 'Koishiteru Toki ha Itsumo'. I like the lyrics and the music!! It's just that, when you're actually singing it, the key during the chorus is high, so it's a difficult song.

Tsugunaga Momoko: 'Bye Bye Mata ne', recorded on our first album. It's a song that we only sing at important times (Our first concert, a member's graduation, our Saitama Super Arena performance, our 10th anniversary, etc.), so it's a strong that I'm strongly emotionally attached to ♪

Tokunaga Chinami: 'Be Genki <Naseba Naru!>' is a song that lifts your spirits when you listen to it. It pumps up concerts, and the outfits and dance are my cup of tea.

Sudo Maasa: 'Rival' is a song that I love which really gets people excited at LIVE concerts ♥

Natsuyaki Miyabi: Our debut single 'Anata Nashi de ha Ikite Yukenai' is a really important song to us. I think that this song changed our lives, so I love it. I want other groups to cover it too!

Kumai Yurina: 'Kimi no Tomodachi', 'Anata Nashi de ha Ikite Yukenai', 'Massugu na Watashi'

Sugaya Risako: I love the lyrics and melody of 'Koishiteru Toki ha Itsumo'!

Q6. Favourite song(s) from your own group.

Yajima Maimi: There are lots, but what comes to mind now is 'Big Dreams', it's a really positive song that lifts your spirit! When we sing this song at a concert, I think 'It's really blissful now~'

Nakajima Saki: Listening to 'Bagel ni Ham & Cheese' makes me feel happy. The flight of fancy just doesn't stop (laughs).

Suzuki Airi: I like 'Namida no Iro'- ♪ I like the heart-rending feel of the melody, and whatever it is, it feels great to sing it. From the past, it's always constantly been my No. 1 favourite song. 'Kanashiki Heaven' is a complicated song, but every time I sing it, it refreshes me. I'm grateful that I got to sing it.

Okai Chisato: 'I Miss You' really strikes a chord with me! Occasionally I'll have rebellious thoughts, though I say that, it fits like 'Isn't it just as the songs says it?'

Hagiwara Mai: 'Bagel ni Ham & Cheese'

Q6. Favourite song(s) from your own group.

Fukumura MizukiI love the cute music video for 'Ai araba It's All Right'! I'd like to sing it with the current members. My duet with Michishige-san 'Suki da na Kimi ga' is a precious song! I'm glad that I got to sing it at Michishige-san's final tour ♥ 'Tomo', the song that we first sang together with our senpai when we joined as the 9th gen. It's a song that makes you feel how nice it is to have friends!

Ikuta Erina: 'Nakidasu Kamoshirenaiyo'. I watched the video of this song being performed at the Rival Survival concert, it was a moving performance. Everyone was moving in sync, and their expressions were so heart-rending that it made me sad.

Sayashi Riho: 'Kimagure Princess' immediately makes me excited! The weight of the rhythm of the dance feels really good too.

Suzuki Kanon: I like 'Kimi sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai', the song and the choreography is cool, and the lyrics are emotionally moving.

Iikubo Haruna: 'Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe' and 'Be Alive'. Both are calm songs, but I really like the lyrics, and it's really easy to get into their flow when we're performing it. Please pay attention to our facial expressions (lol).

Ishida Ayumi: We sung 'Happy Daisakusen' at the end of 'Give Me More Love'. Listening to it brings back the memories and the scene at the time, which makes me really happy.

Sato Masaki: 'Resonant Blue'. Of course Maachan likes the cute hairstyle of my favourite Tanasa-tan (Tanaka Reina), but I like the song by itself as well. I love the 'don don don' sound in the chorus in particular.

Kudo Haruka: I started liking 'Tsuugaku Ressha' and 'Koi-ing' when we got to sing them at events. Although both of them are ballads, what I love about them is their ho school-related they are.

Oda Sakura: '3.2.1.Breakin' Out!' is a song from an age where I wasn't in, but I think that it's packed with the attractiveness and cuteness of the Morning Musume。 of that age!

Ogata HarunaI really like the lyrics of 'What is Love?', the song gives me energy, so I can't wait to sing it and give energy to lots of people.

Nonaka Miki: The lyrics of 'Egao no Kimi ha Taiyou sa' is positive and gives you courage. The phrase 'Do the things you want to do that you can only do now' makes me pump my fist!

Makino Maria: 'The Peace!' Because I love Ishikawa Rika-san's lines.

Haga Akane'Be Alive'! I like the melody and the lyrics.

Q6. Favourite song(s) from your own group.

Wada Ayaka: 'Ama no Jaku'. Because it's our 1st indies single! I've really got tons and tons of memories about it (^^)!!!

Fukuda Kanon: The melody of 'Jitensha Chiririn' that makes you feel a bit sad makes my heart skip a beat.

Nakanishi Kana: 'Yattaruchan'!! I've got a lot of emotional attachment to this song.

Takeuchi Akari: 'Shin Nippon no Susume' and 'Jitensha Chiririn'

Katsuta Rina: I like the lyrics to 'Thank you! Cream Brulee no Tomodachi'! We haven't had such cute lyrics recently, so I want a new song like this!

Tamura Meimi: I love 'Jitensha Chiririn' as the melody and lyrics are lovely.

Murota Mizuki: 'Yume Miru 15'. Because I like the muted chorus.

Aikawa Maho: The girl who can't make up her mind in 'Yuugure Koi no Jikan' is really cute and easy to sympathise with, I also like the choreography.

Sasaki Rikako: 'Watashi, choito Kawaii Urabancho'. It's cool!

Q6. Favourite song(s) from your own group.

Miyazaki YukaI think that 'Hajimete no Keikenchuu' is the cutest of Juice=Juice's songs. It's fun where everyone claps for 'Are Kore Shitai'. 'Erabareshi Watashitachi' is really cool and I love the choreography as well!

Kanazawa TomokoGetting to sing the line 'Watashi ha Rose Quartz' in 'Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimeteyo' is my own treasure. I feel that the prompt, detailed dance movements are characteristic of Juice=Juice.

Takagi Sayuki: 'Erabareshi Watashitachi', 'Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimeteyo', 'Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no Kiss'

Miyamoto Karin: I love the strong impact of 'Romance no Tochuu' and the unique rhythm.

Uemura Akari: I like 'Are Kore Shitai!' as everyone can clap together, it's a song that brings a smile to your face.

Q6. Favourite song(s) from your own group.

Yamaki Risa: I like the melody of 'Shining Itoshiki Anata'. I'd like to sing this song soon ♥ I normally like high-tempo songs, but this is the only song I always listen to.

Inaba Manaka: I like the lyrics to 'Iroppoi Onna ~Sexy Baby~'. I like how 'Uwaki no Honey Pie' really remains in your ears after listening to it once.

Morito Chisaki: 'Uwaki na Honey Pie'.

Shimamura Uta: I'm looking forward to the future!

Ozeki Mai:  I think I'd like to look forward to the future!!

Notes and observations:

  • For Berryz. 'Koishiteru Toki ha Itsumo' got mentioned three times, while 'Anata Nashi de ha Ikite Yukenai' was mentioned twice.
  • 'Bagel ni Ham & Cheese' was the only one mentioned more than once for ℃-ute 
  • Despite their large repertoire of songs, the Musume actually had one song they mentioned more than once: Be Alive.
  • ANGERME had three votes for 'Jitensha Chiririn'
  • Probably due to their limited repertoire for the time being, the Juice=Juice girls chose quite a number of songs more than once: Are Kore Shitai, Erabareshi Watashitachi, and Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimeteyo.
  • No consensus for Country Girls, unless you count 'We look forward to the future'.

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  1. Same with Murotan. Once, I replayed yume miru 15sai chorus a hundred times while looking at the blink blink curtain in the dance ver MV. That makes me stuck with a very retro feeling.