Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Miyamoto Karin on Juice=Juice's first album

In this interview, Karin-chan was asked about the songs on their new album (Tsuzuiteiku Story is her favourite song off the new album, btw), performing, and training her body. Karin-chan also gave comments on each song on the album. All 23 of them.


You'll be having performances overseas as well.

Karin: That's right. Taiwan, Hong Kong. I don't know their words, and even though I have a passport, it'll be my first time overseas.

It'll be the first time you'll be using your passport.

Karin: That's right.


You're often in transit, so what do you do?

Karin: I'm the type that doesn't really sleep while in transit. We travelled a lot by bus for our previous concerts, but while we were in transit on the bus after a concert, we were pumped full of adrenalin and really couldn't sleep, so we held a karaoke competition.

A karaoke competition after a live concert?

Karin: Yes, in the bus. We felt like we should do it quietly because the staff-san were sleepy as well, but we really made a racket. Well, we'd make a racket for about an hour, and like for a 3 hour trip, we'd make noise for an hour and sleep for two. We couldn't make a racket on-board the Shinkansen, so at those times I'd make some progress on my school work.

You study.

Karin: Yup, it's still not done... I don't have time to do it at home, so I'll use our travelling time to finish it.


{Karin-chan also gave comments on the songs contained in the album. Here's a sample.}


For 'Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo', it was super complicated, and when we first got it, we had no idea what to do. It was like we had to practise with everything we had in order to catch up with this song. After we got this song, we got a message from Tsunku♂-san saying 'It'll get even more difficult, but that's my style'. Thinking that was the case, in our minds, we had to do our best, and way after that, Tsunku♂-san said that this song was written with ℃-ute-san in mind. I think that there might be fans who'd like to hear the ℃-ute-san version as well, but I hope that they'll think that Juice=Juice's is the best.


'Choice & Chance' was a new song made for the album, but we also made a promotional music video as well. There are a lot of people who, on first listen, say that this song is really cool. The dance is intense, as is the instrumentation. I think that this might be the most intense of Juice=Juice's songs,  but when we sing this song, something that's essential is the rhythm we've been taught plenty about by Tsunku♂-san. Like at the A-melody, we continue one after another, immediately after 'Chotto Chotto Shitteru', the next person has to step in, without that sense of rhythm, it wouldn't come together. It's really difficult because if a single person slips up, the whole thing goes up in flames, so I think that there are parts of this song that let us take a step forward.

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  1. I love Umaretate no Baby Love, GIRLS BE AMBITIOUS & Ai no Diving.. please translate their comment of these songs.. :-)😊