Monday, 24 August 2015

Takeda Rena: 100 questions and answers (Part 4)

100 questions 100 answers took a break for a while。 We apologise for making you wait。

We'll start again from today!
Please take a peek into the heart of Rena-chan、 who celebrated her birthday yesterday…

Well then、 without delay。 Let's continue!
Q68. Masculine gesture that you like?
A68. Gesture…… On that topic, I like spectacles!
Q69. What if you and your best friend like the same person?
A69. The 2 of us will do our best together!!
Q70. Marriage is?
A70. Something I want to do!!
Q71. What's great about this line of work?
A71. Being able to try out all sorts of make-up and wear all sorts of clothes、 play all sorts of roles。 Meeting the fans。
Q72. Favourite actress?
A72. Aragaki Yui-san!
Q73. Favourite artiste?
A72. Shiina Pikarin-san 🌟 Sakou Tomohisa-san
Q74. Favourite comedian?
A74. Un-jash-san
Q75. Person you admire?
A75. Honda Tsubasa-san!
Q76. Person you'd like to meet once?
A76. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-san
Q77. Person you'd like to co-star with?
A77. Aragaki Yui-san
Q78. Programme you'd like to try making an appearance on?
A78. AmeTalkーー!
Q79. You favourite words (Motto) are?
A79. Hard work will not betray you
Q80. One of your favourite sweets!
A80. Grilled banana ❤︎

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