Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Juice=Juice dialogue - Suzuki Airi x Kanazawa Tomoko - Summary

Since my English subbed version was taken down, I'm putting up this summary instead.

Starts at 36:35~

Introduction (36:35)
They greet each other. KanaTomo mentions that she did put Airi's name down when asked who she'd like to have a chat with, but she never expected that there'd be something like this.

Singing and expression (37:11)
KanaTomo starts off mentioning how much she loves Airi's singing, and asks about how Airi manages to be so expressive when singing. Airi was influenced by her work on plays, and also by the fact that she had set Takahashi Ai as her goal. KanaTomo informs Airi that Airi is her goal.
Airi: That gives me goosebumps

When KanaTomo mentions that all sort of songs seem to fit Airi, Airi counters that KanaTomo's the sexy one, while Airi has difficulties pulling off impish looks.

Dancing (39:18)
Airi notes that when she was performing Aa!'s First Kiss, she hardly moved at all.
Airi: I'm slow at catching the rhythm

Airi complains about the length of her limbs. KanaTomo praises Airi's figure, but Airi isn't having any of that and fends KanaTomo off with polite denials. This ends with them discussing how their heights are about average, making it easy to pick clothes.

Airi points out that although it was tough to start dancing in heels, she was thankful that she had years to adapt to them. KanaTomo admits that she finds dancing difficult. Airi brings up a story where ℃-ute were discussing how KanaTomo seemed to excel at dancing despite her limited experience.

Food (41:44)
KanaTomo says that she's a fan of plums, which surprised Airi. KanaTomo says that she'll take crunchy plums and sprinkle them on rice. KanaTomo tries to enlighten Airi on the merits of dried plums.
Airi: I'd like to overcome pickled plums
KanaTomo: Please overcome it, they're really delicious
Airi: Fine~ If Kanazawa-chan says so

Airi then lists down the various foods she likes.
Airi: I can eat countless amounts of salted salmon roe (Airi pun: IKURA ha IKURA Tabetemo)
She ends with mentioning that there's no single food that she likes, but she likes green things.

The discussion then goes to eating during concert tours. Airi recommends that KanaTomo try things out when she goes travelling for concerts. KanaTomo gets a bit of lecture when she says that she's picky about foods. Airi then invites KanaTomo for sushi.

Karaoke (46:26)
Both girls admit that they don't sing Hello! songs in karaoke, since it'd be embarrassing. Airi's mainstay is BoA's 'MeriKuri'. It just so happens that it's usually winter when she goes, so the Christmas song is appropriate. They're both pretty averse to using the scoring system as well.
Airi: What if we sing our own song and get 50 points? Despite it being part of our repertoire~

Confidence (47:51)
KanaTomo divulges that she lacks confidence. Airi mentions that it's the same for her, and that ℃-ute had a lack of confidence the year before1. However, they bounced back and built up their confidence by keeping their fans in mind.
1Trans: This was most likely recorded in 2013. While 2013 was an stellar year for ℃-ute, 2012 was more of them building up steam and laying the groundwork into what would lead to 2013.

Blood types (48:48)
They're both B-types! Although they agree that while there are many B-types around them, they happen to be the lone B-types in their group. Kumai-chan in Berryz is also in the same position. They complain that people always assume that they're B-types due to their tendency to do things at their own pace. There was a B-type manual that went on sale though, which they both agree that it was on the nose.

Family (50:36)
The size of KanaTomo's family of seven surprises Airi, who says that it's the same as Okai's. They agree that their busy schedules makes the time they can spend with family more precious.

The topic then turns onto going on dates with their fathers2. They mention that it's embarrassing, but Airi has been making efforts to ask him out. KanaTomo doesn't, but she notes that she's close to her father and often goes out with him.
2 Trans: As I understand it, going on dates with your date is more like spending quality time alone with your dad, and y'know, nothing romantic per se

Airi mentions her difficulty in getting gifts for her dad's birthday.
KanaTomo: I don't give him anything
This surprises Airi, who tries rationalising it
Airi: But it probably would make your papa happy, when everyone's around

They talk about siblings, how Airi feels like her brother had a tough time because of her work. KanaTomo's okay with her brother, but squabbles with her sisters.
Airi also mentions that she got to meet her grandparents in Gifu after a long time, and how happy they were.
Airi: It's something to treasure

Ending (55:25)
KanaTomo: I'm glad that we got to talk about all sorts of things today
Airi + KanaTomo: Thank you very much
Airi: Let's go out on lots of meals together, okay?
KanaTomo: I'll do my best so we can go out together
Airi: Please do
KanaTomo: Thank you very much


  1. You could upload the video again with subtitles?

    1. Given that YouTube has struck it down, and I'm not really familiar with other video sites, I don't have any plans to.