Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Momochi and Mano-chan on Maachan

Ah, Sato Masaki. Among the many legends concerning her, one of the highlights was how she wormed her way into Reina's heart and broke down her barriers.
In fact, she has this knack of making herself endearing to others.
So let me share one of my favourite tales of Maachan, where she even gets through to Momochi.

ももち と 真野ちゃん と まーちゃん by 9102mn

It starts with Mano-chan having something to say to Momo.
Having been friends for quite a while, normally during Hello! Cons they would plan things such as going out for meals.

Mano: But Momo-chan's recently been crazy about 10th gen member Sato Masaki-chan - she keeps going all Maachan this and Maachan that. I'm being neglected!

Noting that it isn't exactly the right atmosphere to apologise, Momochi tells off Mano.
If it was going to start with Mano telling her something, she should have put in some thought and set it up so that Momo could follow it up with a Yurushite-nyan after the exclamation of the crowd.
Mano: Well, something like that should left to a senpai.

A guy shouts from the audience that it's all right (to not apologise). And Yossie notes that it wouldn't be acknowledged.
Momo: That really saddens Momochi you know... (Complete about-face) Well, that's all right.

Momo regales a tale about Maachan messing with her, at a time when they weren't well acquainted.
The story was of Maachan suddenly touching the back of Momo's neck with her cold hands.
Momo: So I caught her in a pro-wrestler-like headlock, asking her to apologise, but all she said was 'Gomenasai, gomenasai', not even a single 'Yurushite-nyan'.
Mano: (laughs) How admirable.

Momo was frustruated and was thinking of getting back at Maachan with something cold.
So she picked out a plastic bottle from the ice box.
Mano: What a scary senpai!
Then the moment Momo was thinking of looking for Maachan, she heard the sound of water flowing.
There she was, Maachan, washing her hands to make them even colder. (laughter)

Momo: So with that, sorry Mano-chan...
Mano: Eh~ which of us do you like?
This has Momo spinning and springing up and down in delight
Momo: Wait a sec, I'm being fought over, this is pretty rare, it's making me happy!

Momo: Well, I like you, Mano-chan. So what say we go out for a meal?
Mano: Is that so?
Momo: Why are you saying it like that?
Mano: I wonder if you're just saying it...
Momo: Is there a reason for me not to? (laughter). Is it embarrassing for you to be a friend of Momochi, I mean an Otomomochi?
Mano: So let's go again?
Momo: Mmm
Mano: Eh?
Momo: Let's go?
Mano: Uhm
Momo: I'll keep it in mind, k?
Crowd: Eh~
Momo: Yurushite-nyan!

On days when I'm down, the mental image of Momochi putting Maachan in a headlock with the former insisting she apologises and the latter going 'Gomenasai, Gomenasai' instead of the requisite 'Yurushite-nyan'... it brings a smile to my face.

Happy birthday, Maachan!


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