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Momo♥Pro with Karin

That Karin, eh? Looking so delectable on the cover of UTB.

Of course, she had to start somewhere. The path to be the very best, like no idol ever was, is littered with challenges.
She would need to gather up her allies (like KanaTomo) and overcome those who would knock her down (also KanaTomo). But to ease the path, one should also enlist the aid of mentors, teachers, guides to help enlighten the path.

Let us look to one of the lessons she received, from a great teacher.
Let us go back to 2010, when the Momochi Musubi were not yet as majestic as they are now.

(Watch with subtitles on Yasub - or you can read a translated transcript below)
{Karin in purple, else is Momo}
Good day, this is Tsugunaga Momoko!
Well, since I'm in these clothes and at this place - you're too close, too close - today I've got a photo shoot for Up To Boy. But this time around, I'll be working with this cutie!
Right, go ahead and introduce yourself
This is Hello! Pro Egg Miyamoto Karin. I'm begging for your kindness.
We beg for your kindness~
So, I'm sure you want to know why is Karin-chan here
So please check it out in the Up To Boy that will be released on the 22nd of December.
Don't just get a close-up on Karin-chan only, give me a close-up too
Bye bye~
Bye bye~
The gracious Momochi left us with the following record of the lessons she had given Karin. Let us see what great secrets were passed down.

Momo♥Pro (Momochi Production) Vol.6
It's Momo♥Pro part-timer number 1 Miyamoto Karin!!
We're finally starting the new development that was hinted at in the previous edition.
Previously Company President Tsugunaga stated 'I want to try teaching small kids' and 'I want to make a Momo Corps (Momo/ileage) to oppose the Tanaka Gundan'. With that, Miyamoto Karin-chan from the Hello! Pro Eggs has come to join part-time!

I want to learn how to take photographs from great senpai President Momochi!
Karin-chan currently having a careful read through of my latest photo book 'Momochi Zukan'.
She took a keen interest to it, asking 'Would I be able to look so cute?'
President Momochi, with her 8 years of experience in entertainment, will give her a detailed lesson.

Secret 1: A stylish beauty puts her feet forward
Karin-chan is similar to me in that we don't have tall builds, so it's important to put your legs on display nicely. This really does tire out your abs, but you should maintain this position with all your might.

Secret 2: You don't necessarily need to be in the centre to stand out
Unless your standing positions are already determined, it's still easy to leave behind an impression and appeal from the corners of group photos. Doesn't Karin-chan's presence strike you in this photo?

Secret 3: Overreacting is just what you need
I feel that if you go in with a half-hearted shyness, that's when it's most embarrassing.
If you're want to go for it, it's not good enough to put yourself forward while you're thinking 'How far do I have to act all cutesy....'!

Taking President Momochi's teachings to heart.
Now, let's put it into practice!

{Since it's difficult to see in words, I've edited it onto the original, please click the above picture for a larger view. Hope it helps.}

Put into practice
Instructing while performing a photo shoot
Momo: Don't you understand that you have to exaggerate more!
With the camera in President Momochi's hands for the practice session, she gave passionate advice while carrying out the photo shoot herself. Extremely refreshed seeing her junior working her hardest , President Momochi felt enthusiastic.
Momo: Ah, looking good!
Took a cute polaroid!!
Momo: The best shot we got!
The intensive course showed results, and Karin-chan was accepted into the company. Having started off with guidance from President Momochi, I'd like to work hard so that she becomes part of the company's military potential! Eh, what sort of company has this become...
Momo: You've officially joined Momo♥Pro! Let's do our best together, okay!!

Write-up (Main body)
The 'new development' that was mentioned in the previous edition was this. The very first guest...or rather, part-time worker is Hello! Pro Egg's super cheerful Miyamoto Karin-chan. I expect that there are many of you who know of her, since she appeared together with President Momochi in the '10 Summer Gekidan Gekihello 9th performance 'Sanokuen Shoujo'.

'Since I'd like to take charge of children around kindergarten age, I started talking with that intention, but...... (laughs). But, I'll permit it since Karin-chan is so adorable. I won't be forgiving the staff-san who were saying that Karin-chan was nothing but cute though!'

*Gulp*. The situation this time around had President Momochi confer what she had cultivated to her junior Karin-chan, but it seemed to refresh President Momochi as well.

'When the two of us started the photo shoot, Karin-chan was overly-serious, which made me smile, and wonder at the same time if I used to be like that as well. I can't remember if I got along with the senpai when I was working together with them, but I think I was a bit more modest?'

While thinking about the production of new merchandise, we planned to let her interact with the part timer-chan this time around. Who will be next person to come around to Momo♥Pro!?

Currently providing a 2-shot with Karin-chan through the mobile serialisation!
The two of them with the Momochi Musubi brings a sense on mystery and agelessness. We were also blessed with good weather, President Momochi and Karin-chan were carefree and went hunting for tea. Don't let this super rare two shot run from your sight.

Phew, that was a tiring lesson. Why don't we chill with some 4koma made by President Momochi herself?
Let's first introduce you to the cast: Meet Candy Momoko, Donut Erina, Cider Maimi, and Pudding Misshige-san
From left to right: Donut Erina, Pudding Misshige-san,
Candy Momoko, Cider Maimi

{For your reading pleasure, the translation has also been inserted into the image}
Candy Momochi
- The pleasant days -

Panel 1
2010... Momo♥Pro was established and we developed all sorts of products, like a bag... We came out with a photo book ♥
It was a productive year ♥
(Candy Momochi) Serious...
(Donut Erina) Serious...

Panel 2
For 2011... We'd like to expand the number of employees and projects ♥ and do a MomoPro PR event (aspirational) ♥♥
There are tons of things we want to do!!
(Cider Maimi) Excited
(Pudding Misshige-san) Nervous

Panel 3
Everyone, from now on as well, Momo♥Pro
Will be begging for...

Panel 4
...Your kindness ♥ (lol)

'Candy Momochi'
It's gloomy Cider Maimi again......
This serialisation started in the spring of '10, in summer we had the photobook, DVD, fan club event and GekiHello, and in autumn we had the tour and the Momo♥ Bag, the President was truly extremely busy. Although you may recall Maimi-chan being the punchline recently, we hope to establish a new pattern in '11.

So, I hope you've learnt something from Momochi on making yourself look cute while taking photos. Take this knowledge to heart, and you'll be able to look this cute:

Though she may have surpassed the master in some aspects, one should not forget one's roots. 
Good luck on your quest to ascend to the peak of idoldom.

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