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MoMusu。Complaints of 「We have no work」 The difference between Michishige and the other members…

Announced her graduation
Morning Musume。'14's Michishige Sayumi
Iikubo Haruna (19), Ikuta Erina (16), and Michishige Sayumi (24) from Morning Musume'14 appeared on MBS Radio 'Youngtown Doyoubi' hosted by personality Akashiya Sanma (58) on the 31st. Iikubo and Ikuta complained that, compared to leader Michishige, they had no work.

The two of them started of by mentioning to Sanma 'Michishige-san has work, but...', making an appeal for their work-free schedules, 'For us, these 4 days, we haven't had anything besides voice training', 'Looking at our schedule, we've got many free days'. They revealed that they were perplexed by 'In a year, we've got so many resting days'.

Sanma tried to cheer them up by saying 'It's hard-earned, so isn't it great, you could go on (overseas) trips'.

In addition, the eldest Michishige Sayumi will be graduating from MoMusu。 in the autumn tour.

Today's broadcast was recorded in the capital in the 30th. Sanma touched upon the topic of the AKB48 handshake event assault on the 25th, where Michishige and the rest discussed, 'They got through despite all the precautions', 'It's grave, due to a lone person (the perpetrator)'.


Note: For reference, here's a clip of that radio show:

Relevant section starts about 39:11

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