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℃-ute's outlook for 2014

{This was early in the year, so the girls are talking about their hopes and plans for 2014.
Yeah, this is about half a year behind.
Apologies for the weird timing, I'm clearing up my drafts at the moment. 
And, you know, it's ℃-ute looking great, which is reason enough to share it in my mind.}

Big Comic Spirits 22 Jan 2014 #06

℃-ute Happy Kiss 2014
Smile White
To all our readers, happy new year!

Supporting Spirits' first front cover, opening, and ending gravure in the new year, we have the 5-person idol group ℃-ute, who are expected to be even more active in 2014! 
Now, in 2014, you can't peel your eyes off these girls in bloom!! From Spirits and ℃-ute to you, attached is the specially made 'Head over heels for ℃-ute calendar' to spread dreams of happiness.

Suzuki Airi: Whatever happens, I'd like to move on ahead, full on without fear, and I'd like us to become a group that's afraid of nothing, in a good way

Yajima Maimi: To surpass the fulfilling 2013 we had, I'd like us to slowly challenge things we haven't done, like having a performance with a live band

Nakajma Saki: I'd like to add to the members Team ℃-ute, even at prefectures that we haven't been to yet. I'd like us to do events at places like shopping malls, so that ℃-ute will be better known

Okai Chisato: I'd like tons of fans to come and spend time with us at all our venues. The goal is for every live performance to be sold out!

Hagiwara Mai: I'd like us to step up and perform a live at a place that's even bigger than the Budokan!

Yajima:  In 2014, I'm going to do my best with cooking. But, what sort of dish would be best... something like paella!? At home I can always depend on my parents, but there are women at my age who are already living alone, so I think I've got to be more independent

Nakajima: One big event for me is that I'm turning twenty this year. However, I'd like to become an adult that knows of all sorts of delicious places to eat. Since Leader doesn't drink alcohol, I might wait until Airi and Chisato turn twenty.

Hagiwara: Since I'm turning eighteen this year, so I'd like the breadth of my work to increase, and include radio programmes or TV programmes after 9 pm. Since it feels like you turn into an adult at 18, it would be good if I grew up emotionally as well.

Okai: Since I love to talk, I'd like to take the chance to study by watching how people talk and give responses on all sorts of programmes. Since I'll turn twenty, I'd like to become a wonderful lady who can keep company with adults, and I'd like to develop my taste for alcohol.

Suzuki: In 2013 we were given a ton of support in all sorts of things by those around us, so I think it would be great if I could move forward and step up in things like English or something else. Also, this is something I'd like to do before I turn twenty, I've been talking with my best friend about going on a two-girl trip, our last trip as teenagers.

Changing from the relaxed look of the white dresses
The charming faces of this 5-person idol group ℃-ute isn't just limited to looking cute!
These extremely flexible and cool girls will furiously attack 2014!!

Yajima Maimi
(shine, sparkle)
I'd like to shine more, and bring out a sparkling aura

Nakajima Saki
(now, the present)
I'd like to do the things I should do one-by-one, without overextending myself

Hagiwara Mai
(the present, real)
I don't want to be restless, and I'll do my best to face reality

Okai Chisato
I'm quick to get distracted, so I'd like to train my mind to focus on one thing

Suzuki Airi
 (walk, step)
I want to have a year where I move forward, steadily taking one step at a time toward the things in front of my eyes

Side note: Please, love me more!

Yajima: We've still got a lot more to develop, and we want to show you something that'll make you wonder, 'Even idols can do that?', so please keep watching us with high expectations.

Nakajima: In 2014, 3 members of ℃-ute will turn 20, so I'd like us to do our best while not tiring out our bodies.

Hagiwara: Please do your best (laughs). Please come and see us at lives, I want you to see us!

Okai: That's right, ℃-ute's lives are the best, so please come and fall in love with ℃-ute at our lives.

Suzuki: I believe that there are people who have come to know ℃-ute through 'Spirits', so I think it would be great if you could cheer us on from hereafter.

The calendar

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