Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Yamaki Risa's Chronology and Q&A

Yamaki Risa's self-reported chronology

1997 Born on the 14th of October

Around 2000 Started learning the piano at the age of 3 due to brother's influence

2005 2nd year of primary school. Got into drawing. Dreamed of being a mangaka in the future.

2009 6th year of primary school. Got 4th place at a competition at the borough level! By the way, the event was the 50 metre breaststroke.

2010 1st year of middle school. Joined the dance club. Danced at the night festivities for the cultural festival. There, encountered Morning Musume。's 'Kimagure Princess', became a H!P fan.

2013 1st year of senior high. Applied for the 1st round of Morning Musume。-san's 12th gen auditions. Made it to the final judging, but there were no qualified candidates. Became a Kenshuusei after worrying over it.

2014 2nd year of senior high. Selected for Country Girls.

Yamaki Risa's one question one answer

1. Favourite food?
Manju, corn soup, tapioca, udon (cold)

2. Food you hate?
Celery, horned turbans, sea urchin

3. When was the time when you got the worst scolding so far?
When we were in primary school and secretly brought sweets, but the teacher found out

4. When was the time when you got the best praise so far?
When I took responsibility on something that everyone else felt was a burden and accomplished it

5. The only thing I can boast to people about is?
Hair-tending implements!

6. Something you've gotten into recently is?

7. Favourite H!P song?
'Kimagure Princess'. Since it was the song that made me start thinking about wanting to join H!P.

8. Who is the H!P senpai you look up to?
Michishige Sayumi-san. Since she was a really lovely goddess. I truly admire the sight of her sacrificing her life for the sake of the group with a sense of responsibility that goes beyond others.

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