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New Faces: Meal with Senpai (H!P Maruwakari Winter 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, asking about other members.
This one, which came out for the 2015 Winter Hello! Cons, would be Berryz' last as well as Country Girls' first. It also pre-dates Kobushi Factory, who were announced at that Hello! Con itself. Thus, the usual questionnaires are supplemented with a Berryz Kobo special as well as a new faces special (MM 12ki, S/mileage 3ki, the 5 new Country Girls).

This part of the questionnaire comes from the 'new faces' segment, where we get to know more about the new girls and what they think about other H!P members and senpai. Remember that this book pre-dates Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory, but don't worry, they get their turn in the 2015 Summer Maruwakari Book.

Q2. Senpai you'd like to go for a meal together with

Ogata HarunaI'd like to try going for pancakes with Ikuta Erina-san. Ikuta-san seems to know about all sorts of delicious shops, so I think it'd be fun to be with her!

Nonaka Miki: Sayashi Riho-san. I'd like to try going for some stylish pasta together, and chat with her.

Makino MariaTakeuchi Akari-san. I'd like to be brought to a store recommended by Takeuchi-san. And I'd like to be told a lot about the Central League.

Haga AkaneTakagi Sayuki-san! I'd like us to go together to my favourite pizza place ♥

Murota MizukiI'd like to go and have monjayaki with Takeuchi Akari-san!

Aikawa MahoI'd like to go for okonomiyaki with Sudo Maasa-san. It feels like she'd be good at making them, so it would be fun to go with her. I'd like to go for ramen with Nakanishi Kana-san. She's always friendly with me, so I'd like to get even closer to her over ramen.

Sasaki Rikako: Kudo Haruka-san, Takeuchi Akari-san. I really like the both of them, and they're really funny, so I'd like try going for a meal together with them.

Yamaki RisaOda Sakura-san. Because she's someone I'm really interested in! I got to talk with her a little at the Hello! Cons, she was really friendly and kind, so I'd like to go for tea together. And I'd always like to listen to that lovely voice.

Inaba ManakaI'd like to go with Takagi Sayuki-san to stores that would serve the things that Takagi-san likes, such as sea urchins, cheese, avocados, mentaiko. When I succesfully got into Country Girls, Takagi-san sent me a long congratulatory message!! That made me really happy ☆ I'd like to go for meals together and talk even more. Also, Takagi-san likes hamburg steaks as well, so that would be fine too.

Morito Chisaki: Iikubo Haruna-san. Because it feels like it'd be fun when we're together! Because I do like Iikubo-san......

Shimamura UtaMiyazaki Yuka-san. She speaks in a gentle way, just looking at her face soothes me. I'd like the both of us to go for pancakes.

Ozeki MaiI'd like to have ramen with Suzuki Kanon-san! Suzuki-san's really funny when you watch her on television, so it feels like it'd be really fun to go for a meal together with ther.

Notes and observations:
  • Take-chan got mentioned the most, 3 times. Perhaps these newbies still haven't caught wind of how much of a cheapskate Take-chan is known to be...
  • While Sayubee gets mentioned twice, which doesn't surprise me, given how well she takes care of the juniors.
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