Friday, 27 June 2014

The Tsugunaga Constitution: Articles 31 - 56 (7 articles)

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31条 西瓜に塩は絶対に付けない!!
Article 31:  Do not add salt to watermelons under any circumstances!!

33条 ロールキャベツは、キャベツから食べる
Article 33: When eating cabbage rolls, start with the cabbage

39条 前髪を暇な時にチェックする
Article 39: Check your bangs whenever you're free

43条 ペンは、色がまぢらないようにする。
Article 43: Separate pens by colour

52条 K太郎のレコメンを聞く
Article 52: Listen to 'K-Taro no REKOMEN'
{Note: These articles were aired through Berryz Kobo's Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki!, which as part of the radio programme 'K-Taro no REKOMEN'. K-Taro (Sunayama Keitaro) himself helped host Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki!}

55条 りんごは塩水には絶対につけない
Article 55: Under no circumstances do you put apples in salt water

56条 「消しゴムは、はしっこを切っておく ※ケースのほう」
Article 56: Create edges on erasers by cutting them out * Towards the case
{Note: I asked around, and it seems that since it's difficult to erase with the rounded edge of an eraser, you would cut it to create edges that make it easier to erase with.}

 Konbanuhhi to all citizens!!
 Today, there is an announcement
 Through radio。
 Without delay・・・・
 Tsugunaga Constitution Article 56
 『Create edges on erasers
  By cutting them out。』
 ※ Towards the case♥◇◇
 The whole Peach committee。”
「All 4 sides, okay ◇◇」

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