Friday, 30 May 2014

A game of Guess Who with Ishida Ayumi

Ishida Ayumi appears in a call to the radio show 'SanaMiyo Upstage' to promote TokiSora.
In this part of the show, the show hosts have to guess who the other person on the line is. A week before, Sato Masaki made a highly amusing appearance. You can read a translated transcript of Masaki's appearance in the Hello! Online forums, courtesy of maxperkins84.
So let's see how the hosts do in catching out our girl Daa-chan.

Her enthusiastic greeting makes the hosts note that they've got someone energetic. They can't guess from the voice, so they're starting from the basics.
Blood type - O
Hometown - A relatively cold place.
Host: Hokkaido?
Daa: I don't think it's Hokkaido
Host: Eh? Can you confirm that? You don't think so?
Daa: Yes
Host: What do you mean? Could it be Sato Masaki again?
Daa: Nope
Today's breakfast - Egg and natto rice
Host: Do idols eat that?
Something you won't lose to within your group - The sharpness of her dance
Position in the group - Dancing and suberi (fail)-ing
Host: But you sound level-headed. Do you not get told that by the members?
Daa: The members have never mentioned that I'm level-headed. I'm nervous at the moment, so I'm being proper.
Hobbies - None (Literal trans - I'm a human with no hobbies) - but currently into Candy Crush
Number of members - Two-digit
Age - 17, so 3rd year senior high
Nicknames - Daaishi
That let the cat out of the bag for the hosts.

Director's Hint - This person was at a handshake event in Asahikawa on the 2nd of April

The hosts start their thinking time - but there's not particularly much to discuss, mentioning that she's MM'14, and with the nickname Daaishi... Not much choice, is there?
At-bat to answer, they name 'MM'14 Ishida Ayumi-chan' and get it right.

On the topic of her being from a cold place, they note that she's from Miyagi prefecture. Also that from 2006-2009, she attended the Rakuten Eagles cheerleading school, and that was where the sharpness of her dance came from.

They turn to ask about her suberi character.
Daa: I don't really notice when I'm failing. But the people around me have been tsukkomi-ing me lately.
She didn't like it at first, but it got her praise for being interesting, so it's something good.

The hosts praise MM'14.
Taking a look at her profile, her favourite food is watermelon, the same as one of hosts.
Host: So you like watermelons?
Daa: I love watermelons! I want to eat them all the time.
A final message:
I, Ishida Ayumi, bear the same name as a great senpai in the entertainment industry, so please remember me. MM'14 currently have made a record for ourselves with the for 1st places in a row, and I'm glad to be active as part of that Morning Musume. Please, please, come and drop by and see us at a concert.

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