Thursday, 3 April 2014

MM'14 nationwide 10 location simultaneous handshake event: Michishige Sayumi in Ishikawa

【Ishikawa/ Michishige】 Currently、 in the midst of a programe recording for TV Kanazawa in front of Kanazawa station!
【Ishikawa/ Michishige】 It's Michishige Sayumi! Live broadcast from 3:54 pm ♪ TV Kanazawa 「Himitsu no Tere Kin-chan」 Please watch it everyone!!
【Ishikawa/ Michishige】 On-location for Tere Kin-chan!!

【Ishikawa/ Michishige】 The live broadcast has endーed ♪ Just a bit until the handshake eventー!
【Ishikawa/ Michishige】 The handshake event has started! Thanks to you the handshake tickets have been finished。
【Ishikawa/Michishige】 Kanazawa's talk handshake event、 ended without a hitch~♪♪ The absurdly large number of people who came left a joyful impression on Sayumi!! It was fun~。 Thank you very much!!

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