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The day the spirits were absent (Sayashi Riho & Miyamoto Karin in UTB Nov 2014)

The day the spirits were absent

The first 2-shot with the senior high 1st year Hello! next gen aces RihoRiho and Karin has been realised!!
In the photo shoot, with a slight touch of the hands, the 2 of them got self-concious.
A strange sense of nervousness was in the air (laughs)!

The distance between these 2 who are hardly close. The reason is...

In 2008, Karin joined the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei (then, the Hello! Pro Egg). On the other hand, RihoRiho passed the Morning Musume 9th generation audition in 2011. Karin has a longer career, but RihoRiho's début came first... Observing the 2 of them during the photo shoot, they seemed bewildered as to whether they should interact as senpai, kouhai, or as if they were of the same generation.

Sayashi: A long time ago, while Karin-chan was still a Kenshuusei, we acted together in a stage play...

Miyamoto: How nostalgic! So we're starting with that story-!

Sayashi: Her career was longer than mine, so I had no idea what to refer to Karin-chan as. I ended up calling her Karin-chan-san.

That's a famous story amongst the fans (laughs).

Miyamoto: I often get called 'Chan-sa~n' at concerts, and I've taken to it!

Sayashi: Really? It's good if that's the case.

The occasional appearance of honorifics. Moreover, RihoRiho was telling Karin about the piano, and the moment RihoRiho's hand brushed Karin, the 2 of them turned red. During the photo shoot, there was this weird sense of tension floating in the air.

Miyamoto: We've worked together at Hello! Concerts and stage plays. Also, there was the drama. I got nervous when we touched hands (laughs).

Sayashi: That's good, since I thought it was just me who was nervous... My hands were trembling when we talked about secrets (laughs).

They say that they're nervous because it's their first 2-shot shooting, but that isn't the only reason. As peers, they are in the position of leading the members as the ace of their respective units. As comrades fighting under the same circumstances, you would think that they'd get along with each other by exchanging stories from their private life or even a single grouse, but the 2 of them did not. Despite not saying anything directly, you could get glimpses of their sense of rivalry.

Sayashi: With Michishige-san's graduation and the entry of new members, I think that the whole group will be facing an upheaval from now on. I'd like to play the role where the others'll think that it'll be all right if they keep pace with Sayashi. After Michishige-san's graduation, in order for Morning Musume。'14 to be at the centre of Hello!, I have to do my best now.

Miyamoto: That amazing~, you wouldn't think we're the same age! I'm still desperately trying to get my group's name known... But, you can hear loud cheers when Morning Musume。-san appears for Hello! Project , I'd like Juice=Juice to be the group that gets the biggest cheers someday. That's my secret goal (laughs).

Sayashi: That's the first time I've heard of it!! Morning Musume。'14 have to do our best too, right?

After the interview ended, the 2 of them looked at one another and laughed. They exchanged 'Thank you!'s and left the studio together. That sense of distance had them away from one another, and not getting close, the ace personality comes to mind. I'm confident that these 2 will undoubtedly be supporting Hello! Project from now on.

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