Wednesday, 18 March 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - Wrap up

Building up to the HinaFes last year, then-H!P leader Michishige Sayumi started a 'blog relay'. For the blog relay, the initiator comes up with a topic, writes a blog post concerning the topic, and nominates a H!P member to blog about that same topic. This continues on, with the H!P members writing on the same topic and nominating another member, one-by-one, until every member has had a turn. Last year, 33 members blogged on the topic 'Something that moved me recently'.

This year, the blog relay was initiated by current H!P leader Yajima Maimi. The topic was 'Is It Just Me'. This would go around the 38 members who would be participating in the HinaFes. Here's a quick summary of the girls' answers. For further details, you can click the names fo translations. I hope you enjoy.

MemberIs It Just Her?
Yajima MaimiMaimi doesn't follow any order when removing medicine from tabs; the sound of chopsticks rubbing together gives her goosebumps
Ozeki MaiOzeko doesn't fall asleep when on the Shinkansen, but instead talks with the member next to her
Ikuta ErinaIt takes Eripon 2 minutes from seeing an item at the store to deciding whether to buy it
Miyazaki YukaYukanya keeps the last episodes of dramas she's seen; she watches variety shows at 2x speed
Fukumura MizukiFuku-chan keeps bookmarks at interesting pages when she reads, which pile up before she notices; she had a habit of gnawing things when she was small, and got scolded when she chewed a hole in a new sofa
Fukuda KanonMaro doesn't bat an eye, whatever happens
Inaba ManakaManakan yawns when she gets nervous
Ogata HarunaHaachin refers to pyjamas as nightgowns; she carries out a bingo rally at Christmas wearing moustached glasses; bad at having meals while drinking juice; she likes tea; she thought that Osaka-ben was standard Japanese
Takeuchi AkariTake-chan takes out octopus fillings from takoyaki and eats them all at the end; she limits her breakfast spending to 300 yen when going about; she uses a velcro wallet
Ishida AyumiAyumin plays games on her mobile phone until it cuts into her sleeping time
Hagiwara MaiMaiMai starts drying her hair with the hairdryer set at warm and finishes with it set to cool
Tamura MeimiMeiMei makes the shoulder straps of her rucksack as short as possible
Makino MariaMaria likes dresses, and isn't a fan of trousers; she can talk a lot about her favourite Nippon Ham Fighters; she likes the crispiness of corndogs and chips; she likes to sing duets at karaoke
Nakajima SakiNacky puts her iPhone in her wallet when going to the convenience store; sleeping facing upwards gives her sleep paralysis; she wastes time after a bath obsessing over moisturiser
Nakanishi KanaWhen Kananan talks, her mind just goes in all sorts of directions, creating all sorts of fanciful stories
Nonaka MikiChel owns a lot of alarm clocks
Aikawa MahoAiAi stands in front of her house, counting the stars
Morito ChisakiWhen Chiitan's down in the dumps and there's someone who's excited, she gets excited too
Uemura AkariAarii will definitely play air hockey at arcades
Iikubo HarunaThe things Iikubo cooks end up tasting like garbage cans
Katsuta RinaWhen Rinapuu has Japanese food, she needs a sweet drink to accompany it
Sayashi RihoThe privilege of touching Fuku-chan's upper arms belongs only to RihoRiho
Murota MizukiMurotan's love of crocodiles
Yamaki RisaRisa-chan ensures that her hair is properly managed, even if it entails her being late
Takagi SayukiSayubee instinctively takes photos of members who are asleep
Oda SakuraOda-chan changes the music she listens to on her headphones depending on how much time she has to get to the station
Suzuki AiriAiri wants to fill the gaps in people's snaggletooths with corn kernels
Tsugunaga MomokoCuteness
Sato MasakiMaachan puts in olive oil, brown sugar, soy sauce, and salt in her tamagoyaki
Sasaki RikakoRikako soaks soap bars in the bath
Kudo HarukaDuu's nose runs when she applies eyedrops
Kanazawa TomokoWhen KanaTomo plays racing games, she holds the controller like a steering wheel
Wada AyakaAyacho's austere hobbies of enjoying of Buddha statues, paintings, and the arts
Haga AkaneHaga-chan uses 'shinai?' when she should use 'suru yo ne?'
Suzuki KanonZukki enjoys the instrumental versions of songs
Miyamoto KarinKarin eats strawberries from the sides; she cries even before getting in a haunted house
Shimamura UtaUta-chan tried calling up a ghost; she mixes up sauce and rice since she worries about getting the ratios right; she eats the top and bottom parts of sushi separately
Okai ChisatoChisato gets looked down on by her dog, Howl, that she's been raising for a year

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