Friday, 13 March 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #35 Suzuki Kanon

The blog relay comes along from Morning Musume。´15's youngest member Haga Akane-chan to arrive at Zukki's feet.

(Original blog post in Japanese)

The blog relay has finally come around to me~

The baton has been passed to me from Haga Akane-chan, who's just turned 13

「Is It Just Me?」, huh…。

I think that this'll bore people who aren't interested、 but I'm interested in it…!

I've been changing the songs that I choose to use in my solo radio show。

I enjoy playing the instrumental versions of songs

Rather than saying that I enjoy them being played、 I strongly feel that I want you to sympathise with the feelings I have when listening to it… lol

I feel it in particular with Morning Musume。's recent songs、 without vocals it immediately sounds like a different song。

I enjoy discovering the sudden increased presence without the vocals…!!!

In Suzuki's own way, 「Wakuteka Take a chance」 and 「Kimi sae Ireba Nanimo Iranai」 are easy to understand。

「Ai no Gundan」 might be good too!

But as it's impossible to convey the words through sounds、I think that those who are interseted would stress on the oral parts sometime (lol)

This song's rhythm has become ◯ times、 what's more for the bass you can hear the sound of the bass drum at these steps… Thinking about things like that makes me feel uncontrollably happy!!!

Also、 when listening on earphones, I listen with my right ear and left ear in turn、 I enjoy looking for sounds that I can only hear with my right ear、 and ones that I can only hear with my left ear

Of course one of the things I enjoy about listening to instrumental versions is enjoying the differences when listening to the normal version with vocals。

And so、 it's good that I think 'The vocals definitely make it interesting!'。

Also the instrumental version becomes the feature of Morning Musume。's songs、to the extent that it makes me think 'Do you really add vocals to this?!'、 establishing things only from the instrumental、 independently listening to the base at the bass beats…

I wonder if it's good to convey this。

From the sound of the bass for 「Renai Hunter」、 I understand things like 'Ah、 this is how the melody comes in'、I enjoy the how nice the recent melodies feel、 where the arrangement comes together from just the instrumental。 lol

Well, I may be talking about recent songs、 but it really depends on the song…。

Huh、 honestly、 I can't stop talking once I get started。

…That's how it is。

For a long while、 I thought it was just me、 but it seems that it's the same for Nonaka Miki-chan too…( ̄▽ ̄)

I still haven't reached a conviction、 so today's is 「Is It Just Me?」 for the time being \(^o^)/ lol

Well then、 I wrote at length、 but next will be Miyamoto Karin-chan

I really was under her care for the single

Karin-chan's such a sweetie、 it's like my heart is a small as a mere speck。 lol

Her short hair suits her、 I'd like to pass the baton to the adorable Karin-chan \(^o^)/

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