Monday, 2 March 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #24 Yamaki Risa

The blog relay moves from Murota Mizuki to Yamaki Risa.
Risa-chan initially made a blog post where it sounded like she'd deal with the blog relay in her update the next day, but she made a post 10 minutes later to continue the chain.

(Original blog post in Japanese)

When I reread my blog post just now、 it surprised me that it wasn’t that long lol

What’s up with that…


It seems that I’ll be doing the blog relay today!!

And so, I’ll write about it。

It came from ANGERME’s Murota-san!

Murota-sanー、 Is really funny。 lol

We’ve been good friends since we were Kenshuusei、 we’d have meals together on our way home from lessons。

We became good friends through the stage-play 「Bokutachi Karen na Shoujo Gasshoudan」。

I’d just joined、 and when I was uneasy about how to talk nicely with the seniors、 we were in the same team and got along very well。

Thanks to that stage-play、 I got to befriend the seniors、 how nostalgic

And since that I’ve received consultation from her、 we’ve become really good friends!
It seems that she tells intense jokes。 lol

It’s fun being together with Murota-san (^o^) It was fun to be in the Hello! Con cheering seats!

Now we speak to one another casually。

I wish we could go for a meal again soon。

And、 the introduction’s pretty long、

But we’re talking about ‘Is It Just Me?’。




「When my hair isn’t well settled、 I’ll make it look pretty, even if it means that I’ll be late」 I guess??

I’m more careful about my hair than most。

I think that hair definitely leaves a strong impression on people、 and it’s something that I myself enjoy、 I’m doing my best in grooming。

And so I never think ‘I’ll be fine in the mornings!’ and I’ll definitely not budge from the mirror lol

But、 being late is a no-no、 so I wake up a lot earlier that others to spend time on my hair (^o^)

That’s how it is

And、 for the blog relay batonーーーーー

I’ll pass it to Juice=Juice’s Takagi Sayuki-san!


Takagi-san is really kind。

When it was decided that I would be entering Country Girls、 she sent a long message。

It seems that I seriously give the impression that I don’t really get nervous、 that I’m good at dealing with things。

The first impression I give is that I seem serious。

But it wasn’t like that for Takagi-san、 she saw me beyond my image、 watching me even at Hello! Con rehearsals。

She’d call out to me when I was worried、 she’d give me advice on performing、 that made me really happy。

It made me really happy that she looked at me、 and noticed the difference。

I love that kind Takagi-san!

Since I can’t stop when I start talking about Takagi-san、 I’ll take that opportunity another time lol

And with that, bye-chun!
Good night

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