Friday, 6 March 2015

Momcohi no Kimochi: Popularity (Essay #1/22)

It's often been mentioned to me that 'Wouldn't it be good to have an image of "liking children and animals"?', but I really do like children. Whatever they say, children are honest, their eyes sparkle, and their purity leads them to believe anything, it's soothing ♥ If I hadn't become an idol, I might have become a kindergarten or nursery teacher.

'Momochi! Yurushite-nyan Taisou' is easy to learn, and it seems that it's really a hit with small kids in particular, I'm secretly aiming for a position as a 'Singing sister' on 'Okaasan to Issho'.

It might be because I love children, but I'm really liked by children. Previously, when I was on-location at a zoo, kindergarten children who were trotting along flocked to me, going 'Momochi! Momochi!!', it was a dense crowd.

It was really tough, I was more popular than the giraffes. My ability to attract customers at the zoo could threaten the centre-level giraffe. But the moment they discovered the elephants after that, all of them ran in that direction though......
Momoko Tsugunaga

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