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New Faces: Meal with senpai (H!P Maruwakari Summer 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, mainly asking about other members.

As new additions to H!P, the Kobushi and Tsubaki Factories also get an additional questionnaire - the 'New Face Maruwakari Special''.

Q2. Senpai I'd like to go and have a meal together with

Fujii RioYakiniku with Takeuchi Akari-san. I'd like to talk a lot with Takeuchi-san, and she's really cute when she's eating, so I'd like to watch that!

Hirose Ayaka: Ikuta Erina-san. She's really funny, so I think it'll get exciting ♥

Nomura MinamiI'd like Fukumura Mizuki-san to recommend something to eat. I think that she knows what's yummy, and I feel whatever Fukumura-san recommends will be delicious. I feel like she'll take the lead.

Ogawa RenaI'd like to go for yakiniku together with Fukumura Mizuki-san.

Hamaura AyanoI'd like to go and have ramen with Okai Chisato-san. I think that Okai-san will definitely know about all sorts of ramen stores.

Taguchi NatsumiSuzuki Kanon-san. Because I feel that it'd be fun as she seems like she'd know about a lot of delicious things. I'd like to go for okonomiyaki or monja or yakiniku. I feel that if we're eating together, everything will be delicious!

Wada SakurakoMiyazaki Yuka-san. I'd like for us to go and have sundubu together and talk a lot.

Inoue ReiSuzuki Airi-san and Okai Chisato-san. Because it feels like it'd be a lot of fun together with them. I'd like to try going for a buffet.

Q2. Senpai I'd like to go and have a meal together with

Ogata RisaI'd like to go to a slightly high-class restaurant with Fukumura Mizuki-san. Fukumura-san's really kind, so I feel that it would be fun to be together with her.

Yamagishi RikoNakanishi Kana-san. When I talked with her before, she was easy to talk to, with her cheerfulness and friendliness, so I'd like to go for a meal with her. What we'll have to eat is whatever we feel like eating at the time (laughs). I'd like to go to a store recommended by Nakanishi-san.

Niinuma KisoraI'd like to go and have sweets with Fukumura Mizuki-san! Because I feel like Fukumura-san would know about a lot of good stores, and it would be a joy to be together with her.

Tanimoto Ami: Nakajima Saki-san, but not for a meal, I'd like to have tangerines together with her at the kotatsu (laughs).

Kishimoto YumenoI'd like to go with Okai Chisato-san to a buffet. I feel that we'll eat a lot, talk a lot, laugh a lot.

Asakura KikiI'd like to go for monjayaki with Tamura Meimi-san. Together with her, I'd like to make and eat the currently in-fashion monjayaki, while gazing at the always smiling Tamura-san.. I'd like to try talking about musicals.

Notes and observations:
  • Fuku-chan (4 mentions) looks to be the most popular senpai to go for a meal with, with Okai-chan coming next (3 mentions). I think Ogata Risa hints why she'd be a popular choice. After all, the senpai has to pay for the kouhai, right? *wink winkAnd the optimum strategy would be to go for the person who'd be able to give you the most bang for your buck, right? Note that this argument doesn't really hold water with Okai-chan though.
  • Yakiniku was the most mentioned dish (3 mentions), with monjayaki coming second (2 mentions).
  • Two people also mentioned buffets. To add more detail, both of them chose Okai-chan as a partner as well. What does this bode for Okai-chan?...
  • Some didn't specify a dish, and two went for the non-committal 'I'll let my partner choose'. Girls, make up your minds.

Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project

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