Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New Faces: Senpai's dancing (H!P Maruwakari Winter 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, mainly asking about other members.

As new additions to H!P, the Kobushi and Tsubaki Factories also get an additional questionnaire - the 'New Face Maruwakari Special''.

Q5. Senpai whose dancing I like

Fujii RioSato Masaki-san. She has flexibility as well as power. Take one look and you can't draw your eyes away from her.

Hirose Ayaka: Sato Masaki-san. She's flexible, it draws your eyes.

Nomura MinamiSayashi Riho-san. I look up to her because of the way she uses her hair, angles, how she moves, everything's cool and beautiful!!

Ogawa RenaI pay rapt attention to Sayashi Riho-san's super sharp and attractive dancing.

Hamaura AyanoSayashi Riho-san. I like her dancing because of how cool she is when she stops and builds up the dance.

Taguchi NatsumiIshida Ayumi-san. Her sharp dancing is really attractive, and she's flexible. I think that her tidy dancing is beautiful. My eyes are always fixed on her. I like her!

Wada SakurakoKudo Haruka-san. Her dancing is large and cool.

Inoue ReiFukumura Mizuki-san. I like how she puts in heart-thumping cuteness within her cool dancing.

Q5. Senpai whose dancing I like

Ogata RisaMiyamoto Karin-san. Her dancing is sharp and really cool, and yet it's careful. I'd like to dance like that.

Yamagishi RikoSayashi Riho-san. Even dancing within Morning Musume。´15, Sayashi-san's cool and sharp. I'd like to try dancing with her someday!

Niinuma Kisora: Inaba Manaka-san. Her dancing is sharp, and it made me happy that she taught me about all these dances that I didn't understand. Her performance in the dance club is awesome as well!

Tanimoto Ami℃-ute-san. Because they're all good at dancing.

Kishimoto YumenoHagiwara Mai-san. The way she moves is girly and seductive, yet sharp. I always watch her!!

Asakura KikiSayashi Riho-san. Because her dancing has this cool sharpness to it, she moves with the rhythm, and she has facial expressions for each and every move.

Notes and observations:
  • Looks like most of them like Sayashi's cool dancing, with 5 mentions.
  • The only other person to be mentioned more than once was Maachan, with her flexibility seemingly playing a big role.

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