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Going on a trip (H!P Maruwakari Summer 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, mainly asking about other members.

This one, which came out for the 2015 Summer Hello! Cons, would be the first without Berryz Kobo, and the first with Kobushi and Tsubaki Factories. As new entries into H!P, the members of the two Factories also got a 'New Face Maruwakari Special', which has additional questions for the girls.

Q8. You're going out with some members...... Please tell us who they are and what your plans are!

Yajima MaimiWada Ayaka-chan has said to me, 'Let's go to an art gallery together next time', so I'd like to make that a reality! We'd meet up at lunchtime and go have lunch at a stylish cafe, where we'd talk up a storm. Then, I'd like Ayacho to guide me around an art gallery and explain the paintings to me, and then we would go around to see some temples ♥ I'd like the 2 of us to walk outside when it's nice and sunny while being inspired by the old buildings we're looking at ♪

Nakajima SakiI'd like to bring all of Morning Musume。´15 to Chichibu for strawberry picking! A number of them have told me that they'd like to try it.

Suzuki AiriSomehow or the other, it'd be with the members of ℃-ute (laughs). I'd like to have a 3 days 2 nights trip with them. A BBQ or onsen or amusement parks would be nice.

Okai Chisato: If Ikuta's around, then I don't mind whoever else is with us (laughs). Since it seem like she can talk by herself the whole time, I'll leave it to Ikuta.

Hagiwara MaiMorito Chisaki-chan, Ikuta, Maachan, Chisato, Mai. I'd like to go for a BBQ with these members ♥

Q8. You're going out with some members...... Please tell us who they are and what your plans are!

Fukumura MizukiWouldn't it be fun to go fishing & have a BBQ with Yajima Maimi-san, Nakajima Saki-san, Takeuchi Akari-chan, Miyamoto Karin-chan, and Fujii Rio-chan!? Rio-chan & Karin would be in charge of merry-making. Akari-chan & Mizuki would be in charge of games. Taking care of us would be Yajima-san and Nakajima-san...... I'm sorry for leaving it to the senpai.

Ikuta ErinaSuzuki Airi-san. She's taught me a lot about beauty, so I'd like to go to a beauty salon with her.

Sayashi Riho: I'd like to have an onsen trip with the 9ki! We wouldn't really go outside, we'd just spend our time leisurely and lazily at the ryokan~. I'm able to come out and let my guard down with the 9ki.

Suzuki KanonTakeuchi Akari-chan, Katsuta Rina-chan, Ishida Ayumi-chan, myself. I'd like to go shopping with the 4-person Lilium group. There won't be any division of roles in particular, we'll just go around to stores that each of us want to go to, but we'd have so much laughs that our sides would stitch. I think that having no plans would be the most fun.

Iikubo HarunaI made a promise to go to Osaka's Universal Studios Japan with Wada Ayaka-chan over a year ago. I'd like us to ride a shinkansen while enjoying our favourite Garrett's popcorn, and do a 'Moaning Myrtle' impression at the Harry Potter exhibit.

Ishida AyumiSuzuki Kanon-san, Iikubo Haruna-chan, Kudo Haruka-chan, Oda Sakura-chan, me. Even trifling stories normally get us excited, as these are members who can go with the flow. At the moment, I'd like to go for the Ice Monster that people have been talking about.

Sato Masaki10ki + Oda-chan. To the amusement park!

Kudo HarukaWada-san, Sasaki-chan, Haga-chan, Inaba-chan, Ogawa-chan. It'd be a home party entitled 'Let's have a party with the girls that say that they like Kudo!' ♪ Of course we'd gather up at the Kudo house. It'd be my treat.

Oda SakuraI'd like Inaba Manaka-chan, Yamaki Risa-chan, Hamaura Ayano-chan, and myself to go for karaoke after shopping. They're my favourite members that came from the Kenshuusei. I feel that it'll be fun with these 3, no matter where we go ♪

Ogata HarunaI'd like to go to Disneyland with all the members of Morning Musume。´15, and have a takoyaki party at night.

Nonaka Miki: I'd like to have a meal and chat with the four 12ki members, further deepening our bonds! We'd decide on where to go by majority rule.

Makino Maria: A cruise trip with all the H!P members. I'd like to hang out on a ship! We could play basketball, play around in the pool, watch movies and shows, go for beauty treatments and have a party on board the ship. We should pick leaders based on everyone's plans.

Haga Akane: Aikawa Maho-chan and Niinuma Kisora-chan. I feel like the 3 of us would go bowling (laughs). Akane would be the person in charge!

Q8. You're going out with some members...... Please tell us who they are and what your plans are!

Wada AyakaAll of ANGERME. I'd like to have a sleepover with all of them! I hope we have such a great time that we wouldn't get a wink of sleep!!

Fukuda KanonA trip together with Okai Chisato-san, Hagiwara Mai-san, Nakajima Saki-san. I really like the relationship between these 3, and I think it'd be fun to just watch it from up close! Okai-san would take control. I think it'd be an interesting trip.

Nakanishi KanaSuzuki Kanon-chan, Inaba Manaka-chan, Sato Masaki-chan, Miyazaki Yuka-chan, Katsuta Rina-chan, Tamura Meimi-chan, and myself. I'd like to have a BBQ~. The one in charge would be Yuka-chan.

Takeuchi Akari: Katsuta Rina-chan, Suzuki Kanon-chan, Ishida Ayumi-chan, and myself. I'd like all of us to go to an amusement park! Without choosing anyone as the leader, we'd go around and have plenty of fun!!

Katsuta Rina: Suzuki Kanon-chan, Ishida Ayumi-chan, Takeuchi Akari-chan. With me included, the 4 of us would go to Disneyland. We've promised since forever, but we still haven't gone......

Tamura MeimiThe amusement park with Miyamoto Karin-chan and Wada Ayaka-san! Even though we've made plans and decided on everything, even to the place where we'd stay, we still haven't gone..... (cries).

Murota MizukiGo to the sea with Kishimoto Yumeno-san and Tanimoto Ami-san and Yamaki Risa-san. I'll leave things like the programme completely to Yamaki-san (laughs).

Aikawa Maho: Morito Chisaki-chan, Yamagishi Riko-chan, Niinuma Kisora-chan, Haga Akane-chan. I want to watch a movie with all of them!

Sasaki RikakoI'd like to go and stay for a night at Disneyland with my contemporaries in ANGERME and the new members of the other groups!! I think it'd definitely be fun!

Q8. You're going out with some members...... Please tell us who they are and what your plans are!

Miyazaki Yuka5 people - Fukumura Mizuki-san, Aikawa Maho-chan, Wada Sakurako-chan, Yamagishi Riko-chan, and myself. A selection of members who somehow or the other have a similar atmosphere, a similar air. At any rate, I'd like to go somewhere where we can chill.

Kanazawa Tomoko: I'd like to go hang out with Aikawa Maho-chan. She's got this airy~ image in my mind, and though it's strange, I'd like to hang out with her and talk with her for a long while! Also, the both of us raise plump cats, so if there are any common points, it would be nice to bring our cats to a park.

Takagi SayukiA Hakone trip with the 5 members of Juice=Juice! We've promised to go, but we haven't really gone. I'd like the 5 of us to have a relaxing trip.

Miyamoto KarinI'd like to stay at a cottage together with Tamura Meimi-chan and Wada Ayaka-san. The three of us are always dreaming ♥

Uemura AkariI'd like to go on a short trip with all of Juice=Juice. There are places that I'd like to go to for a meal with each and every member. Subleader Kanazawa Tomoko-chan would properly decide on where we'd go, so I'd like to ask her to prepare it. I feel like we wouldn't waste time

Q8. You're going out with some members...... Please tell us who they are and what your plans are!

Tsugunaga MomokoAh, I'll be fine by myself (laughs). I prefer being alone. Please don't look at me with a pitiful gaze, thinking I'm a loner!! If you just get in touch, I'll come and meet you whenever (laughs).

Yamaki RisaI'd go to an amusement park with Okai Chisato-san, Uemura Akari-san, Ogata Haruna-chan, Kishimoto Yumeno-san. I'd like to gaze at all of them. I can't imagine what it'll be like with the 4 of them around, but I feel like it'll be exciting, and everyone will be laughing.

Inaba ManakaI'd like to go to an amusement park with Suzuki Kanon-san, Oda Sakura-san, Nakanishi Kana-san, and Takagi Sayuki-san. I haven't hung out with these members, but together, it'd be a gathering of fun people ♥ I think that going to an amusement park with a bunch of fun people would be awesome ♪

Morito ChisakiI'd like to go to an amusement park together with Ozeki Mai-chan and Fukuda Kanon-san, play around, go shopping, then head home.

Ozeki MaiMiyamoto Karin-san and Morito Chisaki-chan. We'd go to a place where they sell cosmetics, and Mai and Chii would receive recommendations from Miyamoto-san. After that, I'd like to go to a clothes store and have us get coordinated!

Q8. You're going out with some members...... Please tell us who they are and what your plans are!

Fujii RioI'd like to camp for about 5 nights with Yajima Maimi-san, Okai Chisato-san, Ishida Ayumi-san, Takeuchi Akari-san, Suzuki Kanon-san, Ogata Haruna-chan, Nonaka Miki-chan, Kishimoto Yumeno-chan and myself.

Hirose Ayaka: Together with Ogata Haruna-chan, Fujii Rio-chan, Ogata Risa. I'd like to go to the pool and have fun. We'd then sing lots of Hello! songs at karaoke! After that I'd like to try ordering lots of gizzard from a yakitori store!! It'd be a gathering of close-knit girls who enjoy yakitori. Rio nentioned that she likes gizzard!

Nomura MinamiI'd like to go camping together with Suzuki Kanon-san, Ishida Ayumi-san, Takagi Sayuki-san, Murota Mizuki-san, and Ozeki Mai-san. In a big tent, I'd like to have barbecue for dinner and get excited.

Ogawa RenaI'd like to go to an amusement park with all of Kobushi Factory. The person who would manage it would be Nomura Minami-chan! I'd like to go on roller coasters and haunted houses.

Hamaura AyanoI'd like to go to a ramen store with Oda Sakura-chan and Uemura Akari-chan and Murota Mizuki-chan

Taguchi NatsumiWith Nomura Minami-chan as the leader, I'd like to go to an amusement park and zoo with Nomura Minami-chan, Ogawa Rena-chan, Fujii Rio-chan, Kudo Haruka-san, Suzuki Kanon-san! I'd like it if we gathered early in the morning and hung out until late at night. I'd like to touch chicks and bunnies and guinea pigs.

Wada SakurakoI'd like to go to an amusement park with all of Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory. It'd be managed by Nomura Minami-chan. When it's someone's birthday, Minami thinks up all these intricate surprises, so I think she's the right person for the job.

Inoue ReiI'd like to go to the sea and play beach volleyball with the 5 members of ℃-ute and 8 members of Kobushi Factory. I feel that ℃-ute-san suits the sea, and I'd like to get closer to them.

Q8. You're going out with some members...... Please tell us who they are and what your plans are!

Ogata RisaSayashi Riho-san, Suzuki Kanon-san, Oda Sakura-san, Ogata Haruna-san, Katsuta Rina-san, Tamura Meimi-san, Murota Mizuki-san, Aikawa Maho-san, Miyamoto Karin-san, Uemura Akari-san, Fujii Rio-san, Yamagishi Riko-san, and myself. I'd like to try going to an amusement park with all the members of the same age.

Yamagishi RikoI'd like to go shopping with Aikawa Maho-san and Nakajima Saki-san and Okai Chisato-san and Fukumura Mizuki-san. Nakajima-san would take responsibility, but we wouldn't have a detailed, thought-out plan, while taking our time~ we'd try out clothes, go to the pet shops, and eat crêpes. Sounds like fun!

Niinuma KisoraAikawa Maho-chan and Haga Akane-chan! I'd like to go bowling. I'll lead.

Tanimoto AmiSuzuki Airi-san, Hagiwara Mai-san, Sasaki Rikako-san, Murota Mizuki-san, on the first day we'd have fun at an amusement park. On the 2nd day, we'd watch a horror movie then go shopping (We'd shop when we have free time and on the 3rd day).We'd go and hang out at the beach on the 3rd day, have a BBQ, then go home.

Kishimoto YumenoI'd like to go and train at a sports gym with Ikuta Erina-san and Yajima Maimi-san as the leader! I don't think I'd be able to keep up though...... After lots of training, I'd like to go and eat yakiniku!

Asakura KikiI'd like to start of with going to an amusement park with Kanazawa Tomoko-san, just the 2 of us. We'd ride on roller coasters and merry-go-rounds, then after 2 hours, we'd have the pasta that I love (any variety will do) for lunch while chatting up a storm, we'd go to the shopping mall and buy summer-ish clothes, take a purikura, and we'd go for karaoke, Kanazawa-san would sing H!P Kenshuusei songs. That's all.

Notes and observations:
  • While I'd normally make a relationship chart when Hello! members name other Hello! members, with several people being named per answer, the relationship chart was a complete mess. I won't be uploading it because of that, and as I couldn't be bothered to fully double-check it, some of the analysis may be out.
  • Maria would like to bring EVERYONE on a boat cruise. As high-end as it sounds, given that it came from Maria, it's probably not too out of the world...
  • Momochi, on the other hand, would like to go on a trip with NO ONE. Please don't give her such a pitiful look...
  • By my count, Zukki gets mentioned the most. AiAi comes next.
  • If you were to pick one person from each group, choosing the person who got mentioned the most, you'd get Zukki, AiAi, Okai-chan, Fujidon, Karin-chan. Manakan, Kishimon/RikoRiko.
  • On the other, if you were to pick the people who got mentioned the least, you'd get Momochi, Kiki-chan, Maro, Maria, ReiRei, Yuka/Tomo/Takagi, and Airi
  • Almost all of the Lilium four - Take, Rina, Zukki, Ishida - would like to go on a trip together, except for Ayumin, who'd prefer to chill with her fellow Musume.
  • Most popular activity was going to amusement parks, with Disneyland getting mentioned fairly often. As the questionnaire was done for the summer Hello! Cons, BBQ-ing was another fairly common answer.
  • Given that I've done the graph, let's do some simplification! Here, I look at reciprocity - if member A mentions member B and and member B mentions them back, I'd keep them. If not, out they'd go. This is what I got:

  • So 8 distinct groups. Three pairs, One trio, Four quartets, One quintet. 
  • Haga and Niinuma synergise well, wanting to go bowling with AiAi. I guess Riko can come along too?
  • Can we go further? Well, let's say the girls are in these groups. How far are they from their answer? In a sense, how 'satisfied' would they be in these groups? 

  • I added red lines to indicate one-way nominations within the existing groups. The percentages indicate a sort of percentage of  'satisfaction'. Let's take Wada Sakurako for example - she'd like to hang out with Tsubaki and Kobushi Factories. That's 13 people not including herself, so with 3 people fulfilling that criteria, we get 23%. Hope you get the idea.
  • So most of the Lilium four would be fully satisfied, and the same goes for the Karin-Meimi-Ayacho trio.
  • By this measure, Maria is the least satisfied, but that's what you get when you name 50 other members.
  • Also, by this measure, Momo would either be completely satisfied or not at all. As usual with Momochi, it's either all or nothing.

Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project
 Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project

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