Saturday, 26 December 2015

Sayashi Riho - Go Step Forward Ahead (B.L.T. U-17 vol 32)

It's your first solo appearance in 'BLT U-17'! How was your photo shoot at Tsukiji Fish Market?

It was like I was spending time in a dream. Ehehe.

There were lots of delicious things, weren't there?

I've gotten interested in Tsukiji recently. Of course I enjoy the eating, but I also do enjoy taking shoots at places to eat. Because it's said that places food spots make great pictures (laughs). I'm glad to have done a shooting at a place where I shine.

What was your favourite at today's location?

I ate lots, but the tamagoyaki was delicious.

Do you prefer your tamagoyaki sweet? Or salty?

When I came to Tokyo, I had sweet ones for the first time, and got into them. I'll go with either! At home we have salty tamagoyaki, so it makes me feel like I want to have something sweet as a side dish. But sweet ones are delicious even when they're cold, right? Freshly-made salty ones are super delicious. I like both!

How passionate (laughs).  Well then, what food brings out the energy of Sayashi Riho?

I love anything if it's delicious though...... (laughs) Ah, but there's a store called 'Atomu' in Okonomi-mura though.

There's stores like that in Hiroshima?

There's a building like that, and in it are several stall-like stores. I've only been there once though. My parents have lived in Kansai, and the Sayashi household okonomiyaki is in the Kansai style.

Oh my! Even though you're from Hiroshima!!

That's right. So I unexpectedly hadn't had a proper Hiroshima okonomiyaki before. I went to that store for a shooting a year ago, and when I tried eating it, I was like, 'Okonomiyaki could be this delicious?' Like I could cry. It was like I was eating a completely different thing. It had an unforgettable flavour. The volume was good, the texture was good, the taste was good, it was awesome. I remember being impressed!

You wouldn't see this kind of excitement in a normal interview! You're a completely different Riho-chan from usual (laughs). You don't have any preferences?

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that up to this point in time, I've never met a food I didn't like.

You do say some complicated things sometimes (laughs). But normally, senior high schoolers are the generation who are completely picky.  Would you like to tell people like that something?

That pea-green person!

That's right. Ikuta Erina-chan (laughs)

I love eating so much, despite carrying that burden while eating (laughs).

It's the physique, right? Riho-chan, the fans often mention it right, like you're becoming a ponyo (laughs).

They do (laughs). But now I'm told that I'm flat-chested. If I reduce the amount I eat a little, I immediately slim down. The amount you eat definitely shows in your body, right?

By the way, the direct theme of this talk is 'place', but as an example, what's a place that calms you down?

Places like Mejiro are calming.

What? The Mejiro on the Yamanote line!?

Yes. I've gone there alone, to Mejiro. I went to eat shaved ice.

Is that so.

It's a nice district. Even though it's in the city, it's relaxing. The food stores were fulfilling as well. It would be nice to live there.

You've done some full-blown research there (laughs).

I looked it up. It was summer, so I wanted to eat something cold, at a delicious shaved ice store. They poured on syrup that was made from real strawberries that had been boiled down ♥

What basis do you use to look for stores?

I normally like to go to places that have gotten popular. I do have an interest in food. If I could build up my commenting ability, perhaps I might become a food reporter? Like (NiTele's) Miura-announcer.

You'd be forgiven for going ponyo as well (laughs).

That's right! (laughs)

So we'll be going with Mejiro for a calm place?

Ah, Omotesando too.

You're putting in fashionable places (laughs).

Teeheehee. In the past I used to yearn for places like Harajuku and Shibuya, but they didn't feel like places that suited myself. Neither the clothes nor the streets. And then I probably chose grown-up clothes and streets.

Calming and relaxing, yup.

I've changed, because I was in primary school when I joined. Everyone gives up their frilly clothes to their sisters (laughs).

{As renowned as she was for her singing and dancing, I'll remember Sayashi for one thing above all:

That's right, perving on Fuku-chan.
That said, I wish Riho all the best with her future endeavours.
I hope that she'll still pop up from time to time.
Perhaps perving on some hapless foreign classmate.}

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