Monday, 20 October 2014

Passpo's Makita Sako on H!P

Attention please! Makita Sako from Passpo did an interview with Dwango. In it, she also touched upon Hello! Pro. Here are some translated extracts.

Makita-san, you're known to be a Hello! wota, right? Berryz Kobo have just made a sudden announcement about their indefinite hiatus。

I understand how amazing it is to have continued for 10 years、 so I'm not surprised。 They've been doing it for 10 years without a break since they were in primary school. It's different from working for 10 years as an adult, isn't it amazing! It was desired for and decided by the members、 and taking a rest is something that's important。 We've been around for 5 years, so I really understand a lot of things… But、 having worked for 10 years at that age, it's amazing。 They're masters at one thing、 but aren't they at the age where they still have life choices to make? I'm envious。

- Makita-san, you once declared that you'd like to enter Hello! Project、 but is that still true now?

I'd love to! But、 I can no longer join them… It's unbearable, this feeling that it's unobtainable, despite my love for them…。 I'm frustrated, like 'Why didn't I get in through a Hello! Pro audition when I was still in primary school?' Hello! Pro is wonderful!

- Makita-san has recently been doing interview work for 「Makita Journal」。

That's right! For Makita Journal, we started with Yoshida Go-san and I asked him about 「Interview Techniques」。 The editors have promised me that for about once every 3 entries, they'd let me meet with someone I really want to meet 。

- And who is this person you'd like to meet?

℃-ute's Suzuki Airi-chan! But I'd be so nervous that I definitely wouldn't be able to get a word out、 I wouldn't be able to look her in the eye、 and it probably wouldn't even be an interview。 It'd be a perfect display of communication disorder。 She's such a genius and I want to ask her all sorts of things! My eyes just follow her when I'm watching their performance… I also heard that Juice=Juice's Kanazawa Tomoko-chan is an otaku, so I think I should chat with her。 Also、 I'd like to try meeting Perfume's choreographer MIKIKO-san!

{Also, just a heads-up, she did end up interviewing Airi. It's likely that the interview will be put up online on the column's website, so that's something to look forward to if you're interested in this pairing.}


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