Wednesday, 1 October 2014

[Fan Report] A Night at Minakami Onsen

(This is a translation of Japanese fan's Salaryman Kobo NEO's blog post about the special concert that Berryz Kobo held at their 2014 bus tour. The wonderful accompanying illustrations are by him as well.)

For Berryz Kobo's fanclub bus tour, we went to Minakami Onsen in Gunma prefecture.

Today, we had an 8-shot with all 7 members of Berryz Kobo, a time-restricted apple picking event, and to top off the day, there was a special concert.
That concert was really, really fun. Berryz' power to entertain was explosive, and they pulled it off wonderfully.
I'm keeling over with intoxication and fatigue, but I thought I'd write about it at length.


#1 Anshinkan
#2 Passion E‐CHA E‐CHA
MC (Everyone) Greeting
#3  Mythology
#4 Waracchaou yo BOY FRIEND
#5 Yuuki wo Kudasai
MC  Maasa・Kumai-chan・Risako
~From here 「Messing around corner」
#6 Yurushite-nyan Taisou Captain・Miyabi-chan
#7 Gag 100kai Aishite Kudasai Captain・Momochi・Chinami No Nyuu Festival
#8 Kozukai Up Daisakusen Maasa・Kumai-chan・Risako
#9 Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama Miyabi-chan・Risako+ Sea bream dancers (Captain・Chinami)
#10 ROCK Erotic Momochi in male role ・ Maasa & Kumai-chan in female role
#11 Cha Cha Sing Everyone
MC (Everyone) About the messing around corner

#12 Berryz Fields
#13 Hero Arawaru
#14 Munasawagi Scarlet
#15 Yo no Naka Barairo
MC (Everyone) Impressions of today
#16 Arigatou Otomodachi

The first outfits were the encore outfits from the recent Budokan concert.
In a rare turn of events, Momochi had only the left side of her hair done up, and that unexpectedly made my heart race. (^_^;)

Momochi's hairstyle at today's concert
With 'Anshinkan' at the start and the long-unperformed 'Passion', the audience's voltage was already charged up, but we were splendidly bowled over by the 'messing around' corner in the middle!
According to Captain, these were the members' selfish requests being realised, but first up was 'Yurushite-nyan Taisou' by Captain in her kindergarten cosplay (this was familiar) and, unexpectedly, Miyabi-chan in lieu of Momochi.


Continuing on with 'Gag 100', at the middle section where Chinami goes 'No~Nyuu' (And it's been 5 years since Chinami last went 'No~Nyuu'), it became a 'No~Nyuu' call & response festival between those on-stage and the venue. I should note that unexpectedly, Captain's NoNyu was sexy-cute.

For 'Kozukai Up Daisakusen', Maasa was the mother dressed in an apron, Kumai-chan was a primary schooler lugging a randoseru (a knapsack associated with elementary schoolchildren), and Risako appeared in a kindergarten kid cosplay!

Seeing Kumai-chan with a randoseru, a sight unseen since her Nyoki Nyoki Champion randoseru graduation ceremony, everyone present shed tears of gratitude.

For 'Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama', the two sea bream backdancers were doing as they pleased.
Berryz are the only idols that can make lying down on the stage look good! (^_^;)

We're sleepy....
As for 'Rock Erotic', Momochi made an appearance as a lovely lady dressed in a man's attire! With her two larger, beautiful partners in baggy clothes, seeing her sing and dance with a smug face was the biggest moe point of the day! 
At the MC, Momochi went 'Maasa and I are really fitting partners, aren't we?~' By the way, Kumai-chan complained that the waist was tight, so doing anything beyond one song would be impossible~ (^_^;) 

Momochi Erotic?
There are all sorts of things that I'd like to add, but even a whole night wouldn't suffice.

Returning to the inn after the concert, we received presents personally from the members.
(An aluminium bottle)
And having soaked in the bath, we partied!
On one hand we had voices going 'That was super fun! Berryz saikou!', while some voiced out sentiments on things that couldn't be helped, like 'Perhaps today might have been the last "Nonyu"~', or 'Even though it's so much fun, it's coming to an end~'.

Well, with everyone having used up their strength, there seemed to be a pile of corpses in the middle of the room,
Since we've got an early start tomorrow, I'm putting down my pen here.


(Hope you enjoyed the report as much as I did. If you did, might I recommend you give some props to SK NEO-san. His Twitter handle is @sk_neo.)
Original blog post

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