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The weird tastes of Juice=Juice (excerpt from Big One Girls 023 - July 2014)

--By the way, between all of you, who's the most gluttonous?

Miyamoto: I can really eat if I seriously put my mind to it. (laughs). I'm amazing when it comes to buffets. I can eat anything besides celery. But when I point out how delicious something is, the members get doubtful though...

Takagi: That's not it! Your sense of taste is weird! Even when we had to eat a can of silkworms as a penalty game, [Miyamoto] ate it like it was nothing. She said that it was unexpectedly delicious.

Miyamoto: Delicious..... Hmm. I'd still prefer it to celery.

Takagi:  I'd completely take celery over that! (laughs)

--This is going off-topic, but would you be completely fine on that variety show staple - penalty games where you have to eat weird dishes?

Miyamoto: At penalty games, I don't really react in an entertaining way. I'll just mention, say, how bitter the tea was. (laughs)

Kanazawa: In a way, good-for-nothing. (laughs).

--Among the members, who's the pickiest eater?

Kanazawa: Probably me. I don't really mention it to the others. It may seem like I'm pretty okay with most things, but I actually do avoid stuff. I'll eat things if I'm told to eat them, but I wouldn't personally make the effort to go and eat them myself. Wouldn't you want to eat what you'd like to eat?

Takagi: That's why you only eat the same things.

Miyazaki: Ramen, crispy plums......

Kanazawa: Well, things like that. (laughs)

--While we're on the topic, can you tell us if there's any food that you've gotten into recently?

Takagi: Um.... I guess you'll think that this'll be bit strange?

Kanazawa: Spit it.

Takagi: You know peanut butter? I like that......

Kanazawa: Isn't that completely normal?

Takagi: I don't put it on bread.

The rest: ?

Miyazaki: You eat it just like that?

Takagi: (nods)

Miyazaki: Eh!

Miyamoto: I get you. I really get you. Even condensed milk is fine just as it is, right?

Takagi: Urgh~, I'm the same class (sense-of-taste-wise) as Karin. Since Karin has said that she gets it, I'll stop here. (laughs)

Miyamoto: For me, it's soya tofu with acai sauce on it. Hasn't acai been quite in vogue recently? The recipe mentioned that sugar shouldn't really be used, so I wondered how it'd taste. I had a bite, and it was like a sweet treat! It's really delicious. Every morning, I have 2 without my mother knowing. (laughs)

Uemura: Chocolate for me, though that's always been the case. I like fine just as it is, but I like the taste of chocolate when it comes on or in another delicacy.

Kanazawa: It's ramen for me. I wouldn't be able to live without ramen. (laughs) And recently, I noticed that spinach goes with ramen. Cup ramen with spinach added to it is really delicious, so please try it out.

Miyazaki: Burdock for me. I've always liked it from way back, but when I've been asked what my favourite food is, I've never had the opportunity to answer with burdock. But having given it quite some consideration, I'm sure to pick out the bento with burdock in it. Therefore, I do like burdock.

Takagi: I'm changing my answer to sesame seeds. Putting them on white rice is great as it is, but adding sesame salt to white rice is unforgivable. But I like sesame dumplings. I also like black sesame banana juice. I like sesame oil as well.

--Sesame oil, just by itself.....?

Takagi: No. (laughs) I like the smell of sesame oil.

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