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A relentless dialogue - Sato no Akari (Gekkan Entame June 2014)

(Excerpts from Sato no Akari's Gekkan Entame interview)

---If the three of you took part in an airhead championship, who would emerge the victor?

Uemura: I wonder who? From the stories I've often heard, it'd definitely be Sato Masaki-chan.

Sato: Nope, it'd be Akari-chan. She's actually amazing. Like a monkey.

Katsuta: Um, monkey?

Sato: No, I don't mean that Akari-chan moves like a monkey. Or has the face of one...

--- We understand. Feels like you've just casually fired off a slew of insults though. (laughs)

Sato: Since monkeys aren't relaxed. A staff member mentioned it before. 'Uemura's less settled than Sato'. When I heard that, I was relieved.

Katsuta: Well, within S/mileage, Maachan is famous for being noisy. Speaking objectively, Maachan's probably at a higher level of airheadedness. But I think that it's also a good thing. She can immediately become friends with any senpai, and that's something I envy.

Sato: I see. But Akari-chan's definitely more of an airhead. You know, she somehow managed to get a manager-san to take off their socks just now.

Uemura: That's because Masaki-chan, you said that you wanted socks. So I told you to wait for a bit as I was making preparations, and I just borrowed the manager's for a bit.

Sato: But the manager was really against it. That made me think that you really were an airhead~ (laughs) What's amazing about Akari-chan is that while she's such a beauty, she's also an airhead. I think that it's such a great contrast. I envy you.

--- I see. Well then, please do your best as the airhead trio from now on!

KatsutaSatoUemura: We're not airheads!

Aa, Subarashiki Hibi yo / Dream Last Train / Kodachi wo Nukeru Kaze no Yoni / Satonoakari / Triplet / ODATOMO

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