Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Tanimoto Ami, Ass Appreciator

Would just like to highlight Tanimoto Ami, who seems to have inherited Maasa's love of asses. Inheriting the Berryz spirit indeed.

Colour me impressed by her courage to feel up her senpai though lol.
As Airi mentioned in a blog post:
Backstage、 she feels up my butt relentlessly! lol
Some of the wota have even asked about it.

[x] Handshake event with Tanimoto Ami
Wota: Why do you fondle butts?
Ami: Hmm, since they're soft and nice to touch.
Wota: Is that so?
Ami: Yup. Ah, listen! The person who butt feels best to the touch is Yamaki Risa-chan! Hers is really great.

[x] Amusing discussion with Ami-chan
Following up at the next handshake
Wota: So it's Yamaki Risa-chan?
Ami: That's right. It's soft and plush?
Wota: Plush?
Ami: Yup, plush. (while making butt rubbing motions)

So now you know who has the best butt in current H!P. Although she isn't keeping her hands off the young ones either.

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