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Ozeki Mai's 'Member I'd like to have teach me' ranking

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――Please go ahead! First of all, which rank should we start with? 

Ozeki Then we'll start with fifth. Fifth place is Funaki Musubu-chan. Funaki-chan is currently in her first year of middle school. The other day, the members of Country Girls had a mini kanji quiz in our dressing room. And it turned out that she really can't write out kanji. She was at a such a low level that even I was surprised. (laughs) There's also the difference between our academic years, so it'd be strange for her to teach me. That's why she's at this spot.

Inaba Eh, but still, she's at fifth.

――Yamaki-san, you seem to be a bit relieved?

Yamaki  Yeah. I do have have seniority, after all!

Inaba I'm more worried about where I stand! (laughs)

Ozeki Continuing on, Yanagawa Nanami-chan is fourth. Yanagawa-chan is my age, but I feel that she has a very 'intellectual' air to her. But if she were to teach me, I feel like I'd end up confused and have no idea what she's talking about. So she's 4th!

Yamaki You mean that you can't match her level?

Ozeki Yup. Yanagawa-chan uses a lot of difficult words when she talks. All these words that I don't know. But I'm wondering that maybe if I keep talking with Yanagawa-chan, I'll gradually learn those words and also English words, and be able to use them in my speech! I'm sure that it'll be useful when I have to talk as an idol. So rather than being taught academically, I'd like to be taught 'the basics of everyday conversation'.

――Going on to third place! 

Ozeki 3rd place is Momochi-senpai. Momochi-senpai's also the oldest....

(Without a moment's delay, Playing Manager Tsugunaga fires an overwhelming glare from the neighbouring interview table)

Yamaki Heheheh, the pressure is now on. (laughs) 

Ozeki ...she's the number one dai-senpai, so she's got the most experience in the entertainment industry, right? She's so smart, it's awe-inspiring. There's exactly a ten year difference between me and her. So it'd be problematic for her if she has to tutor someone 10 years her junior, right? The concepts of how to study are surely different for a 13 year old compared to a 23 year old, right? So I think it would be better to be taught academic subjects by someone closer to me in age.

――By the way, as an idol, what sort of things would you like to learn from Tsugunaga-san? 

Ozeki I have a bit of an overlap with Momochi-senpai, in the way that we both highlight our own cuteness. Well, mine isn't a persona though, I just very naturally think of myself as being 'cute'. (laughs) There are different varieties of cuteness, and they're incomparable. But Momochi-senpai is very good at conveying how cute she is to others. Even though I think of myself as being cute, I don't really force it out. So I'd like to learn from her ability at conveying her cuteness!

――So, 2nd place please! 

Ozeki Second place is Inaba Manaka!

Morito (Sulking) ....I know where this is going.

Ozeki Hehehe. Manaka-chan's really gentle, and she's taught me a little before. I was stuck on something at the time. And despite her repeated efforts, I still couldn't get it. Yet she would make the effort to try explaining it to me again and again. I thought that it would be nice to have a teacher like her. And I think I'd be able to understand if my friends taught me like this as well. So she's second. As an idol, Manaka-chan has this airiness to her. I definitely don't have any 'girlishness', so I'd like to learn that from her as well. 

——So, first and sixth place remain. Which will you go for? 

Ozeki Well, from first place.

Morito ...(bitter smile).

Ozeki Coming first is Yamaki Risa-chan!

Yamaki Yaaaaaaay!

Ozeki Well, honestly, she's leagues above anyone else. The whole world knows of Yamaki-san's intelligence! Even in Country Girls' dressing room, she really teaches me. Like when I'm asked to translate Japanese sentences to English for homework, I basically don't understand things, and she teaches me almost everything...

——Does that count as 'teaching'?

Yamaki ………

Ozeki No no no! She doesn't just give me the answers, she's more like a teacher, giving suggestions on how I should approach things, like 'Well if you do this, can you figure out how it'll be like?' She lets me figure things out. Someone without a good head on her shoulders wouldn't be able to pull that off. I really respect her, and I want to be taught by her! 

——Those are quite some words of praise. Yamaki-san, what do you think? 

Yamaki Well, I'm honestly extremely happy. Actually I've helped out Mai-chan with her English homework, and I think that I'm actually the person that Mai-chan most frequently comes to for help with her studies. So it makes me really happy that those accomplishments were taken into consideration.

——What kind of things do you want to learn from her as an idol?

Ozeki  Risa-chan is really good at singing. She has a rich voice, so it really carries well through the microphone. Also, in the dressing room, she's always using the mirror to delve into how she looks when she's singing. I'll occasionally get a glimpse of Risa-chan in the dressing room, and I'm impressed to see her practising. I'd be embarrassed to practice in the dressing room. I'd like to learn that attitude from her!

Yamaki Ah, that's embarrassing. (laughs) It's really embarrassing!

——And then at 6th place ....

Ozeki It's Morito Chisaki!

Morito (unhappy look on her face) Why? Why?

Ozeki At first, I think that she'd be like 'This is how you do it' when she teaches me. But I feel that she'd start growing irritated and would be asking 'Why? Why? Don't you get it? Isn't it straightforward?' (laughs) So she's 6th when it comes to teaching. I think that you're smart. If only you would just teach in a nicer way!

Morito I'm smart, after all.

Ozeki You're saying that about yourself!? (laughs)

——(Laughs) As an idol, what would you like to learn from Morito-san?

Ozeki I can't exactly explain in words, but Chii has a 'lovability' that's unique to her. How do I put this? Maybe because I'm younger, but I immediately get made fun of if I do something that's a bit mature. Like, 'You just learnt that word recently, right?' (laughs) But I often get told that it's cute. However, for Chii, she's cute no matter what she does, she's cute even when you just look at her. Morito Chisaki in herself is cute! I guess that more than wanting to learning it, it's more 'inborn'...

Morito Mai-chan, that's the first time I've heard that!!

Yamaki Is 'inborn' a word you've recently learnt? (laughs)

――Well then, to finish off, pick one song that you would particularly like to recommend from your new single 'Boogie Woogie Love / Koi ha Magnet / Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Muchuu~', and please tell us the highlights. 

Ozeki 'Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Muchuu~' is a song that's used for the background music of TV shows, and this is the first time that it's being covered in Japanese. (*Editor's note: The original song was a musical number written in 1932, but the most famous version is Linda Scott's 1961 'I've Told Every Little Star' version.) This song is a perfect fit for Country Girls. Simply said, it's a really cute song! I also want you to pay attention to the lolita style costumes and the comical mood of the MV, with us donning moustaches and dressed like gents! 

... And thus we announce the results!
The last question of this series, Ozeki Mai-san's top 6 answers to 'The member that I would like have teach me' are
6th place Morito Chisaki-san
5th place Funaki Musubu-san
4th place Yanagawa Nanami-san
3rd place Tsugunaga Momoko-san
2nd place Inaba Manaka-san

1st place Yamaki Risa-san

That's it!

This seventh part of Country Girls answering with their Top 6 rankings is also the last part. 
Thank you very much to those of you who read them this far!

Source: Best Times

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