Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Momochi no Kimochi: Delusional Theatre of Love - Date edition

I'd like to have this sort of romance!
A Momochi-style romance simulation

Date edition

Today, the two of us have a date at a summer festival. I'm looking forward to the fireworks show as well!
It seems that he got bashful seeing me in a yukata.

'I'll buy you a yakisoba.'
And there he goes, running. Seeing him like that makes my heart pound ♥ Will I even be able to eat yakisoba?

Then, unexpectedly, I heard a wolf whistle from behind me.
'Hey hey there girlie, you're looking cute. You alone~?'
I had gotten involved with a bunch of three louts. What was I to do! And then I heard the voice of another guy.

'Oi, what are you doing to someone else's girl'
He'd returned! I was so happy that I could cry.

But tears really did flow after that. A fight started, and he got a sound beating.
'You don't talk that way with us again!'

After those guys left, just me and him remained.
'I'm sorry, that was pretty lame.'
He said that in apology. And yet, that wasn't the case at all.
'Anyway, let's get to somewhere that's a bit more quiet.'

To get away from the crowds, we went on top of a slightly distant hill.
'This has got to be the worst summer festival ever... ouch.'
'It's fine, stay still.'
I tended to his wounds, with tears in my eyes,

The sky suddenly exploded with light.
We raised our eyes, and the night sky was filled with fireworks.
'Could it be, we're at a good spot to watch the fireworks?'
'Yeah, like it's reserved for us. I guess we have those guys to thank.'
I could see the beautiful fireworks reflecting off his eyes as he said that with a laugh.

I'll let some time pass, and then maybe I'll go and buy yakisoba after that ♥

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