Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 30: Why do you love idols?

Decided to modify it slightly from the original, expanding from just H!P to idols in general.
So why do I love idols? Music definitely isn't the main reason, although that's the main method I get my idol fix.

The main sticking point for me is that idols are fun. I got hooked to Berryz Kobo  first probably since they were experimenting with fun concepts at the time: singing about a Mongolian leader, dressing up as monkeys, crossdressing and flirting with a bus guide. Though now C-ute is trying the cute group image, while Berryz is going for the sexy.

Even grumpy monkey Saki makes me happy
There's that happiness that you gain from following an idol. That may be why I'm more inclined to MomoClo over TGS - TGS seems a bit too professional for me, while MomoClo mess around, having fun. Unsurprising given how TGS were assembled by avex, while MomoClo climbed up from indie to mainstream.

Part of this is captured in Team PB's almost-meta-idol-song, Enkyori Poster. An idol song from the point of view of an idol fan.
There's always that aspect of cheering your idol on, and the fact that they're working hard to garner your support drives you to work hard... to support them. Ah, that cycle called capitalism.

I wish they'd step out of this poster

Yet, that cycle is how one develops a connection to an idol.
Unlike Western celebrities, you feel that these idols are human, are people just like you - full of worries, troubles, and doing their best at their job. 

I have to admit that idols do act an escape mechanism for me.
The statement "If it wasn't for teenage Japanese girls, I might've killed myself" has a ring of truth to it, although if I hadn't found idols I'd probably have found something else. Like [insert weird fetish here] porn. Or drugs. Or alcohol. Or coffee.
Yet why are they an escape mechanism for me? Just because of the joy they bring to me. And I'll sign off at that.

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