Thursday, 1 September 2011

Day 25: Past group you miss the most?

Well, is High-King still active? Well, technically they're still complete until Aichan graduates. And they are a unit rather than a group.

Even looking beyond H!P, I never really was emotionally invested into any of the groups.
There's Speed, which seems to be making a comeback.
ZONE, though I've never heard any of their songs.
Hinoi Team was pretty popular. I know the leader was Hinoi Asuka. They sang 'Ike Ike', the opening for Ichigo 100% (which was a pretty rubbish story, if you ask me). And that cover of Night of Fire with that sumo wrestler/entertainer. But again, their disbanding wasn't much of concern to me.

How about I twist the question slightly. What about the past group I wish I had a chance to follow?
Well, I'll go with Melon Kinenbi.

The pretty one is Shibata Ayumi. That summarises basically everything I know about the group's members
Their discography has some of my favourite H!P songs - This is Unmei and Onegai Miwaku no Target (Mango Purin Mix). I've watched a video of This is Unmei live, which was completely exciting and energetic.

Always amuses me that their final album declares that they aren't dead
Also remembered for having a cock in the cover art

One thing I'd heard was that Melon Kinenbi was the red-headed stepchild of H!P, abandoned by Tsunku yet still managing to garner a significant following.
They also managed to last 10 years without any lineup changes, which is probably more than any other H!P act can say. They were the group that everyone expected to last past the Elder Club graduations - and disappointed on that count.

But yeah, among the H!P groups out there, they're the ones I would've liked to follow from before.

Aww, how sweet

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