Thursday, 28 January 2016

Twitter Tidbits: Mano and Maro being BeriWota

If you're wondering how I woke up today, it's because I changed my alarm label like this. Incoming from Berryz Kobo !? Eh!? Incoming from Edo!? That's how I always wake up

Photo 1:
Repeat: Never
Label: Incoming from Berryz Kobo
Sound: Be Genki -Naseba Naru!-
Snooze: On

Photo 2:
Incoming from Berryz Kobo
Tap to snooze
I saw Kanon's tweet
Now listening to Be Genki
And now Rival is playing
Without thinking, I did the moves
But since I'm in the train, I'm desperately holding back. lol
Be Genki in the morning really is the best... ♥ Just listening to it at the window and breathing in the fresh air makes me feel happy... lol
Spent the whole day today listening to Berryz Kobo
H!P Love is the best

The love H!P Love of people who have graduated
Becomes even stronger
Going back to being a HaroWota
The feeling of going back to being a HaroWota from being a Hello! member is relatively fun

It's a privilege that only we can savour

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