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Funaki Musubu 'Member I'd like to go on an on-location shooting with' ranking

ーーFunaki-san, the other day, you went for your first on-location shoot with Yanagawa-san to Enoshima on the Internet programme 『Girls Night Out』. Based on that experience, we'd like to ask about your 「Member I'd like to go on an on-location shoot with」 ranking!

Funaki Right! 6th place is Yanagawa Nanami-chan though…。

ーーEven though you've just been on an on-location shoot together! Could there possibly be something that you dislike about her…?

Funaki No, you've got it wrong! In the sense that we've gone on one together once, I'd like to go with someone else next time…。 However, even at that on-location shoot the other day, Nanami-chan properly took the lead, and she was really reliable, so I'm glad that my first on-location shoot was with Nanami-chan!

Yanagawa Thank you very much (laughs)。

ーーThat's a weird concern…。 Well then, 5th place?

Funaki Morito Chisaki-san…。 Obviously it doesn't mean that I'd hate to be on-location with her, but once, when it was just Morito-san and me in transit, since I had just joined, the ride just continnued on in complete silence. So, even now, I worry about how it'd turn out…。

Tsugunaga That's true, on-location shoots are tough when it's silent!

Funaki But recently, we've got increasingly more opportunities to talk a bit, so I think it'll probably be fine! And then at 4th place, Yamaki Risa-chan! Risa-chan is from the same H!P Kenshuusei generation as me, and we even go and hang out together on our off-days, so I feel like an on-location shoot with the two of us would be comfortable。

ーーYou wouldn't have to worry about silence?

Funaki Yup (laughs)。 But on the other hand, I can predict how it'll be like, how we'll enjoy ourselves. So in the sense that I'd like to venture out a bit more, she's 4th。

ーーI see。 Well then, how about 3rd place。

Funaki 3rd place…(seemingly finding it difficult to say) It's Momochi-senpai though…。

ーー Tsugunaga-san has been named at 3rd place, which is to say, the half-baked position!

Tsugunaga Well, let's listen to her reasoning…!

Funaki Momochi-senpai's a dai-senpai, right? And so, if we were to go on-location, I'd be the most nervous with her, so that's why she's 3rd…。

Tsugunaga ……(Gazes at Funaki-san with an expressionless look on her face

Funaki Ah!(panicking) But, there are places where I want to go to with Momochi-senpai! A lot of my own personal clothes are gloomy colours, like black and grey, but Momochi-senpai's normal dressing includes a lot of pink things, which are really cute. So, I've always been curious about which stores she buys them from!

ーーIn conclusion, you'd like to go on a shopping shoot with Tsugunaga-san?

Funaki Right!

Tsugunaga Going shopping on-location would be fine… If we were to go in our private time, I'd probably have to pick up the tab, right? That'd be a bottleneck~(laughs)。 So going shopping on-location would be an occasion for great joy!

ーーBy the way, if you actually did go, how would it be like?

Tsugunaga It'd be like 「There's a sale? Sales are fine, right?」 (laughs)。

ーー…(laughs)。 Well then, two remain。 2nd place?

Funaki Ozeki Mai-san. I'm the youngest, but in Country Girls, Ozeki-san is the closest to me in age, and we often talk. We have lots of things in common, like being bad at studies. Also, it seems that Ozeki-san likes cats! I've never been to a cat cafe, so if we perhaps find out about a good cat cafe, I'd like to bring her there for an on-location shoot.

Tsugunaga  I'd like to see the two of you, who are bad at studies, doing an on-location shoot at a cat cafe。 Sounds like fun (laughs)。

ーー Well then, at the prestigious 1st place is…

Funaki Inaba Manaka-san! I usually often talk a lot with Inaba-san in the dressing room. Our time in the H!P Kenshuusei overlapped as well, and we've talked a lot even from then。

ーー The reason why you picked her for 1st place?

Funaki I love studying up on cosmetics and makeup, and in my mind, Inaba-san is the most feminine. So I'd like to find out the source of that femininity when we go on-location together. And so, I'd like to go around stores that sell makeup items together with her. Also, if we have lots of time together on-location, I'd want her to teach me how she curls her hair! Inaba-san's curls are really nice! Because when I do it at home, my hair ends up in a mess。

ーー So you'd like to know about all sorts of things about Inaba-san (laughs)。 Imagining you going on-location with another member sounds like fun, no matter which member you're going with。 By the way, for the two of you new members, how was the experience of your aforementioned first on-location shoot (on Enoshima)?

Yanagawa It was really a hassle to talk naturally. We were aware that the cameras were rolling, and no matter what I did, I'd end up using polite language. 

Funaki Even saying 「That's right~」 felt kind of unnatural.

Yanagawa Taking the lead while walking through town, I had no idea how to start all the reports, like the food reports and whatnot.

ーー Tsugunaga-san, how should one do a food report?

Tsugunaga Well, I actually can't pull off food reports. I'm the kind of person who can only say 「Yummy」 (laughs)。

ーー Even the ever-reliable Momochi-senpai has difficulties with food reports‼︎ Well then, finally, Funaki-san, please tell us what highlights from your new single 『Boogie Woogie LOVE/Koi ha Magnet/Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Muchuu~』 you'd like us to listen to。

Funaki From the songs in our triple A-side single, I'll be talking about 『Ran Ra Run ~Anata ni Muchuu~』! This is a really cute song, where the lines 「Ran Ra Run」 are repeated countless times, and they really sticks in your head and in your ears. The outfits are frilly lolita fashions, and you could say that we can wear such cute outfits because we're Country Girls. Also, there are skits in the music video, so I'd like you to enjoy watching those!

…And with that, let us announce the results!
Funaki Musubu-san's 『Member I'd like to go on an on-location shooting with』 ranking
6th Yanagawa Nanami-san
5th Morito Chisaki-san
4th Yamaki Risa-san
3rd Tsugunaga Momoko-san
2nd Ozeki Mai-san
1st Inaba Manaka-san

Source: Best T!mes
Boogie Woogie LOVE / Koi wa Magnet / Ranrarun - Anata ni Muchu - / Country GirlsBoogie Woogie LOVE / Koi wa Magnet / Ranrarun - Anata ni Muchu - / Country Girls

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