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[2ch] Where are the Momochi Musubi now?

1: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/02/23(火) 20:03:08.95
While she said they were made in the image of wings, it was a hairstyle that was weird, lame, and shitty

But thinking about them now, they were cute

18 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:13:32.87
They're sleeping in a warehouse along with the ManoPiano

2 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:04:38.92
They're left in the middle of the Budokan stage

3 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:04:55.99
They've become a replacement for a member's broken bone

5 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:06:36.34
Every time we see Momochi's grown-out long hair, we remember that lame hairstyle

6 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:07:20.29
I opened some photos of people trying to do the Momochi Musubi
The not-so-stiff, incomplete versions were cute

7 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:07:38.48

9 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:09:00.28
They've been converted to Miyabi-chan's personal property

10 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:09:30.59
They're hung at the entrance to Momochi's home

11 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:10:08.10

14 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:11:19.45
This was awesome

13 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:10:53.18
The other day, they were nonchalantly mixed in at the banana corner at the supermarket

15 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:12:26.81
They're always inside the hearts of the Otomomochi

16 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:12:47.37
Please put up the gif of her looking at us while making a straight face, and shaking her Musubi

21 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:14:24.14

23 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:15:20.35
Thank you

27 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:15:52.86
They got nibbled by mice

28 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:17:36.02
Chinami: I gave them to my host family as a souvenir

29 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:17:37.84
Despite you guys telling her to quit that weird hairstyle when she tied it like that! Wotaku are so whimsical

30 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:18:14.07
We only realised their cuteness after they were gone

32 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:18:58.75
They were stolen by Fuku-chan

33 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:19:28.13
They're decorating Fuku-chan's room, for some reason

36 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:23:21.75

41 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:26:20.15
They're swimming in the sea

42 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:26:53.44
They were called something like the wings of an angel, so they've returned to the sky

46 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:29:42.66
Since they are no longer necessary for the Momochi of the present, she sent them to the Momochi of 3 years ago

55 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:33:41.53
Is she not scared of a closed loop happening?

48 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:31:02.05
Shall we hold a resurrection of the Momochi Musubi in a couple of years?

49 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:31:30.77
Those wisps of hair next to her ears are the roots of the Momochi Musubi

73 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:49:38.59
With the lollipop, she feels like a dark hero
Isn't she such a dashing beauty?

51 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:32:32.84
The world of the Momochi Musubi is deep

54 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:33:38.92
Seems that they got crushed due to a mistake on Kumai-chan's part

61 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:35:45.66
They wouldn't get crushed even if Kumai-chan stepped on them

57 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:33:57.84
They get lent out sometimes

59 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:34:33.89
Like seriously

62 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:35:50.31
Perhaps after a couple of years, at Momochi's graduation concert, she'll say 「The song that let me grow the most. Please listen. Momochi Yurushite-nyan Taisou」. And for one night only, they'll make a comeback. I'll be waiting.

65 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:37:25.36
The insides of the Momochi Musubi were packed full of dreams

70 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:46:54.44

80 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:58:05.68
This, this
The new song's outfits have so much volume, I felt dissatisfied

71 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:47:51.53
On Christmas Day, in order to buy an appropriate chain for her husband's heirloom gold watch
The destitute Momochi cut off her Momochi Musubi and sold them, and when she returned home, her husband surprised her with a Christmas present
He'd bought expensive ribbons to go with the Momochi Musubi

Momochi 「Such costly ribbons・・ How did you get the funds to pay for them?」
Husband 「Actually・・ I sold my heirloom watch」
Momochi 「Eh」

The snow continued to fall silently outside

77 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:54:50.62
Funaki Musubi

79 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:56:05.29
I'd like to make them my household's treasure

82 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 20:59:26.83
I want them as my gravestone

84 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 21:03:32.00
They seemed to be pretty heavy, so Maimi or Ikuta or Ishida are using them as dumbbell replacements

86 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 21:17:06.57
It feels like you could have even used them as a weapon, they had their own heft and hardness

90 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 21:42:59.00
They were like chrysalises
They grew wings and flew off

92 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 21:49:15.64
Momochi Musubi 2015

93 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 21:52:40.58
They're with Sayashi

95 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 21:54:35.40

96 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 21:54:44.52
This is what the Momochi Musubi are like when they evolve

98 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 22:11:13.96
There are rumours that they're currently in New Zealand

100 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/23(火) 22:23:22.60
They're inside everyone's hearts

107 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/24(水) 04:27:30.92

108 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/24(水) 07:07:41.04
So that's what they were、、、

110 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/24(水) 07:31:46.73
A facial expression that you wouldn't expect from an idol

118 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/24(水) 18:58:17.09
They're being sold at convenience stores

121 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/24(水) 21:29:52.46
It seems that they fetched a high price in the Chinese traditional medicine business

103 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2016/02/24(水) 03:11:09.18
Time for a serious answer
They're in every person's hearts 

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